Roof Repair: Part 2 

First off, my roommate and I finally received some of our wheels and parts from GTR Garage. They sent me a C33 roll cage instead of my R32 roll cage. That sucked but They are trying to confirm the other roll cage at the shop is mine and will overnight the cage if it’s it. That’s crazy. 

Back to the roof, I test painted the roof wing that I have. It turned out great so I’ll paint the roof tomorrow. For today, I masked off the roof for tomorrow’s paint party. 


8 thoughts on “Roof Repair: Part 2 

      1. Yeah they just never respond to my emails which makes it a little annoying, first they ordered me a red one, then they didnt pack it, so now i have to wait for the next one to arrive. Then i have to wait for them to ship it. All in all its been more than month. I’m sure they’ll pull through but its been a sucky experience.

      2. Thanks for the tip, hopefully i wont have to use it. I mean at first when i was ordering it was like instant, but after i paid them it felt like neglect.

      3. A lot of people have felt like that but I think they took to many orders and had to have 2 containers so now people have to “suffer”

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