Roof Repair: Part 1

So when I got the R32 the roof was pretty bad. The clear coat was peeling and I was needing to get it fixed. Im eventually going to repair the car (keeping black) but I wanted to clean up the roof first.

A Bo Moon is alway posting pictures of painting they kits and cars out in the middle of the yard so why not give it the old college try myself. I have never painted anything so we will see how it goes.

Here is the roof when I first got it.


I went ahead and wet sanded the roof with 320 grit then smoothed it out as best as I could with 1000 grit. I masked off the area that ill be painting.

I have to go get the paint tomorrow so that I can shoot the first couple of layers of black. It wont be great but hopefully Ill have a cool update about how the roof comes out later in the week.

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