2021 Update…

Hello everyone! Its been a while. Let me update yall. We left off at taking the 180 to Logan’s….well that didnt work out to well. I jumped too far off into the deep end with stripping the car down to a bare shell so that I could have everything painted Yellow. I was planning on […]

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180sx Build: Part 5

We are deep into the COVID pandemic and the car has been sitting for a while waiting for things to settle and i think things for me will be just fine. So I decided to start back up. I had a surge of inspiration to get things going but the day I was headed home […]

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180sx Build: Part 4

So nothing has really change on the 180sx since Damon changed. I came across a really cool picture of a silver 180sx on R33’s. I was really inspired with this car. View this post on Instagram @naohiroyamane #180sx #佐方sa A post shared by Shakotan Today (@shakotantoday) on Sep 17, 2019 at 3:54pm PDT My good […]

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180sx Build: Part 3

Alright, the final stretch for now. So I collected all the aero, seats, brakes and shell. Next on the list was the power train. I had to get it narrowed down. I decided to go with another SR20DET. Boring and repetitive but it is what it is. Looking locally for one, the importers didn’t have […]

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180sx Build: Part 2

Alright, so after acquiring the seat, car and tail lights, it was time to try to get the rest of the aero so I could have the car look decent while I was looked for an engine. I found the front bumper from a gentleman that was parting out his white Kouki S13. I tried […]

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180sx Build: Part 1

Over the years, I have attempted to build another S13 after I parted out my first one 5 years ago. This time, I took a different approach and set goals for myself. There were multiple plans that I changed along the way but I think the way it all came together was meant to be. […]

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Quarter 2 of 2019 Update

Updated #2 of the year! I added the additional things i mention before. But for simplicity sake, i removed the swirl pot and AC components before FBG so i would t have any issues. I got the kit refreshed and bought some XT7’s for the final stage of the car. We had our first private […]

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First Quarter of 2019

Well so far, 2019 has been pretty nice! Been driving the car around, hanging out and planning out this for FBG. Still parting out some cars to fund drifting so that’s keeping me busy. Here is some stuff that I’ve done. Sunday morning drive with Harris Put back on matching TE’s after cruising around with […]

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Finishing off 2018

So after the Club Loose event, I drove an event at the local Police Academy. They have a small road course for training purposes that is available for the public to rent. I went by myself which was a weird feeling to go drifting alone. The next day, we got to drive on a local […]

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The Chronicles Coverage

Over the last 2 weeks, Joey from The Chronicles has been posting about his time here in Houston with the Wekfest event. He has shown a lot of love for my car and I’m astonished. I finally feel that with the current state of the R32, I can hold my own and be proud of […]

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Wekfest 2018

Went to wekfest this weekend. A friend of mine signed me up with my email when I thought he was sending me PayPal after asking for my email. The night before, Mayday Garage (local Houston group) hosts a premeet. It’s always the best thing about wekfest or any other big car show. This year’s premeet […]

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SuperD Midwest Trial 2018

SuperD…..what an experience. Since FB2, I haven’t went to a large event to drive, just to spectate. Life has taken priority over the last couple of years. But for this event, I registered out of the blue without any real plans. Prior to leaving, I was chasing down lots of issues. Fluid leaks, swapping back […]

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In the midst of my SuperD prep, we ran out of dog food so Kayla and I ran to Petco to get some dog food. As soon as we walked into the petco, I ran into Jason David Frank. If you don’t know, JDF played the green, white, red and black Power Ranger. He is […]

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Weekend Update

Got the motor installed. Just need to installed the new Wiring Specialties Harness and sensors then double check everyone. Pooter picked up my Kouki aero this weekend finally! The dude just couldn’t meet up for some reason but he got it done! Thanks Poot!!

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Issue #1 with this S13

So the clutch pedal seemed to be sticking when I got the car. I figured it just needed to be bled. I drove the car on Friday and when I left work, I got about a mile down the road when the clutch pedal got stuck to the floor. I couldn’t put it in gear […]

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Mid 2018 Update

Sold all the S13’s. Parted out a couple other 240sx’s Got the SR tuned after having issues with it not running like I thought it should be Hood painted finally Bought a house. But really have been doing a lot of house things and selling parts from all the part out. Picture dump:

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And another S13….

  Came across a deal for a virgin 1989 S13 hatch in red with Sunroof. Scooped it up and now i have a clean slate for a S13 build.     Towed it home and parked it next to my other S13. The white car will be parted out once again. Only reason im doing […]

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Back in my Possession

      Ok I decided to try to update the blog again. I have having trouble with Photobucket and things but I think i have figured it out.   I got the car back from paint. Still took longer than the last deadline and the car will need to go back to get detailed […]

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2017 Year End

Driving wise….it sucked TBH. But the time spent not driving, I hung out with friends and it was amazing. The R32 is finally getting painting. I’m ready to drive more often regardless if it’s the R32 or the S13.

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SR20DET Refresh

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks or so, cleaning up the SR at work. Coming in early, using my lunch time, and any time it has been slow to get little stuff done here and there. My last post showed how I received the motor. Here are some pictures of stages of my refreshments. I […]

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Ok so I crunched the numbers and not the bullet. I bought a S13 SR20DET Blacktop.  My set of TE’s showed up. Went with 18×9.5 +12 since I couldn’t find 10.5’s. I’ll have to run a spacer to fill out the over fenders.  Been cleaning up the motor and ordering parts. Should be fairly simple. […]

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Bought some stuff, had to make some choices.  At FB3, I road in Sebastian R32. S-Chassis Suspension and SR20. It felt very light in drift and snappy. It blew me away.  I was really wanting this after leaving but I have just retuned the RB20 for 300PS at about 1 bar. I still haven’t driven […]


Final Final Bout

It was 2 years since I had been back to a Final Bout and I defiantly can tell that I needed it.  I always come back from FB with more positivity. I guess I begin to get into a rut after a while and it’s not good. I become toxic.  I’m just trying to ride […]

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in JoY

I had to rush to my hotel to write this post.   I’m in Louisiana for work , looking on Craigslist. I find Z32 NA 2+2 rear brakes assemblies for $100. Go to get them and its 2 young dudes (18 and 19 years old).   I spent 4 hours talking to them about life. […]

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Big brakes 

My car came with these Cadillac brembos. They are too new age for me. Plus I can sell them to make money back. Win/win I put Z32’s on but forgot pictures. I’ll take some later. 

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Dec 2014 – July 2017

It’s back! The gentleman I sold the car to in 2014 asked me yesterday if I would like to buy the car back. After some negotiation, we settled on a price and I went to pick the car up after work.  Car needs to be cleaned up and some body work but it drove just […]

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Round 2 of Lone Star Drift

I crashed and lost my first battle. Some how moved from 15th to 8th place in the series. I guess driver didn’t make it out for this round.  My goal was to finish the series in the top 8 but seeing how my car needs lots of repairs, is not sure what I’ll do. 

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                I’ve been an “asshole” towards these event. Not wanting to drive in a parking lot, saying all the cars sucks and etc. This year, i just want to be positive and civilized with everyone at events, even if their style isnt mine. I guess this is growing […]


2 years of R32 Ownership!

                          Time to play catch up….   Last time we were prepping for NOLA. That event was cool but the turbo that I had on the car was shitty. Sold it and replaced it with a RB25 Series 2 turbo rebuilt by Pure […]

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NOLA Weeknd Prep

The guys and I decided we wanted to drive a drift event in New Orleans because they have a kart track. So I ordered a bunch of parts and spent Saturday and Sunday at Jake’s working on my car because he has a huge shop with 2 lifts at his house……yes, at his house!  Justin […]

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When November Ends…

Ok so I have some catching up to do! Last time, Pooter picked up my kouki bumper. $300 was a great price. Couldn’t say no.  At this point, I needing to score side, rear, wing and taillights. Tried Yahoo Japan but my plug couldn’t get anything at the moment so I went to look for […]

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Type X Friday?

Pooter picked up my bumper last night and sent me pictures this morning. Has the OEM holes for something with the lip. I haven’t figured it out yet.

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HKS Turbo

So after the last drift event, it was apparent that the turbo I have now is laggy and what seems to be a VG30 turbo and not a RB25 Turbo. Regardless, the car pulls hard at boost but have nothing below that.  I posted on a couple of Facebook pages looking for a HKS2530 turbo […]

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Plan Execution

Sunday went well!!! Phone died so I didnt get any photos   Removed hood, bumper, fenders, and wheels. *I thought the car was hit up front but the previous owners just bent the core support in the front passenger corner.* Once all that was done and I made sure the car wasn’t damaged, I started […]

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Developing a Plan

Tomorrow, I’m planning to go to the garage to work on the 180sx a bit and I figured I would plan out the day. So I’m going to write what I plan to do tomorrow so I will remember what to do. I need to clean up the garage when I first get there. I […]

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Words From Naoki

So here is a brief summary of what Noaki (and Shane) thinks of American Drifting:   Shane was stressing how American has been drifting wrong The way we drive (speed and technique) isnt correct Too much throttle Must have good throttle work Finding the sweet spot where you are barely slipping the wheels Clutch work […]

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Went to SuperD! Flew out with Andrew to LAX at 6am. Landed and Went to Mooneyes. Met BH there!  Went to brunch with BH and his wife Mary. Thank you for Bunch!!  Then went back to their house to hangout for a bit.  After that, we went to Franklin’s work to design my wedding ring. […]

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Red 180sx 

Recently started craving a 180sx again. I haven’t really done much with the civic so I was ready to sell it and get another 180sx.  I started looking and can across a cheap “shell” in Dallas. Red, pop top and pretty clean body. We rounded up the troops and headed to Dallas.  The boys and […]

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Went drifting 2 weeks ago. First time I really messed with anything car wise since my Pops’passing.  It’s was a lot of fun and I was confident in my driving.  Car needs a lot of asthentics to be nice for next year.  Wasn’t even going to drive this event as I was needing to be […]

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EK Tune Up

I’ve always had this excitement when there are “tune up” kits or “power packs”available  for a car. Like when I owned my Z, there was a company that offered test pipes, intake, and a plenum spacer all together for a affordable price. I thought that was the coolest thing.  When I was looking into doing […]

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Missing Final Bout….

Missing Final Bout this year…..my Pops recently was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and caused him to lose feeling from the waist down due to a tumor in his spine. I took my vacation that I was going to use to travel to Final Bout to spend time with my Pops.  I haven’t really told anyone […]

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Picked up a EK civic this past weekend.  Haven’t really gone through the car yet because it doesn’t start but it does run when it’s push started.  Trying to get rid of the S14 shell so I can put the civic in the garage to go through it.  More updates soon. 


Back at it again

Picked up another part out car. Spent more money than I wanted on the skyline recently. With a wedding coming and honeymoon I’ll have to pay for, I consistently feel guilty for working on the skyline and doing car stuff.  So in order for me to make up for things, picked up a S14 last […]

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After this past weekend’s drift event, I was pretty much ready to quit drifting. So much money wasted for an event in a parking lot. But after see the final bout posts, I started to cheer up. This week, a Facebook friend has been posting some pictures of a particular R32 that I have really […]

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Went drifting Broke a new rear bumper Intercooler piping sucks BOV broke Almost quit drifting  Got to spend a weekend with Pooter 

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More Low 

When I installed my Stance Coilovers, they didn’t go as low as I liked so I “sagged” the springs to make it go lower. Andrew had the same issue when he got his so he bought some of the helper springs from Touge Factory.  So I called up TF and they asked me to measure […]

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Test Run

Got the car running correctly and went to get an alignment.  The shop I go to always has no issues with my alignments. The place is called Sal’s Auto Sport so if you’re in the Houston area, go there. I bought a lifetime alignment and probably used it 10 times in the past year. It’s […]

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Midwest Visit

I got to come to the Midwest for work this weekend and this following week.  It just happened to be the same weekend as the season opener for Club FR. I got to see all my friends. It was great.  Edit:  it’s crazy that I’m friends with all these people because of these silly cars. […]

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Ran out of ideas to get the car working so I went back and rewired all the injectors to the resistor.        Car is running strong now. Pretty excited!!  I’ve missed 3 events already this year and I’ll probably only drive 3 before Final Bout so I gotta dial things in quick. 

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Looks like Kume had D1SL practice today and it seems he hit something.  He still has my sticker on his wing. ❤️   

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Got the radio installed.  Still need to put in speakers.   Just need to install Wideband and I believe that will be it for now. 

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Current Mood

Deleted all my Instagram posts.  Left group chats.  Internet isn’t cool right now.  People are trying to jump on the “2001 spec” bandwagon but they still don’t get it. It’s an uphill battle that I need to take a break from.  Going back to Final Bout. I’ll probably chill out until then.   

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April Update

Got the injectors in.  Still ran like shit.  Redid the intercooler and piping: nothing.  Talked to Martin at RS Enthalpy and he informed me that he tuned my ECU for Z33 maf and not RB20 maf. So I quickly got one and wired it in.  Idle got better but still misfiring when throttling.  Checked the […]

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Waffle House Update

I’m at lunch, at a Waffle House…. Everything has been installed for the RB25 turbo. Car starts but doesn’t have very much power. Slower than the old turbo.  Went and got the injectors cleaned but they were ok. Then I found that I forgot a plug but now when the new injectors were installed, one […]

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Money Gains

Thursday: Buy Car for $1300 Friday (1week later): Sells car for $2800 Keeps new 5 lug  hubs and Pignose lip ¥¥¥¥¥¥😑HouseMoney😑¥¥¥¥¥¥

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Turbo Install Pt.1

So last week I was about to email Streeter to get some GTR Injectors and the resistor when someone on a Facebook group posted exactly what I needed for a really good deal. The next morning I woke up with a text saying that Martin from Enthalpy is going to be showing up on 2/20 […]

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GTR Injectors 

Scored some GTR injectors with the fuel rail and the resistor for $120 shipped from a dude on Facebook.  Unfortunatly, I already placed a bid on a resistor in Japn for about $2.50 so I’ll have to sell one of them.    

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Stance Coilovers

Ordered new coilovers. Went with Stance again. This time did something a little special since I’m a “cool” guy and went to final bout. Custom valaved to 12k/10k. Upgrade from the 8k/6k I had before.       

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Blitz Meters!

Bored at work and came across these.          I’ve been looking for new “JDM” gauges and kind of wanted to get blitz ones so that I can run a theme. Blitz BOV, Blitz wheels, Blitz Gauges. You get the point. 

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ECU Upgrade!

One of the local homies tagged me in a for sale thread about a Enthalpy tuned RB20 ECU. Picked it up for $100 and can get it retuned for $150 compared to the $350-$450 price of having them tune my ECU. I also have a lead on some GTR injectors as well. The gentleman wants […]

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Parts Delivery Pt. 1

This year for the car, I wanted to put a little pep in my step. I set a budget and figured out what I could work with so that I could get ready for this year’s drift season.  Decided to go with a RB25 turbo instead of some fancy Garrett or HKS model. I got […]

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Final Bout 3

Planning on going to the Central Stage. I would like to see who shows up not only for the one I’m going to but for the other two as well.    

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Random Thought

GTR Garage just posted an insanely cool FC. Totally 2001 spec with cool stickers, BN sports and S14 SR20. I need to increase my driver skill so I can do cool BN sports stickers and silly “livery” This is how I feel today….ill probably go back to wanting a clean car later.

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Parts Ordered!

FMIC Toe Arms Turbo Lines Turbo Gaskets Radiator Hoses BOV Adapter Downpipe Header Wrap Fuel Pump     Next up might be new tension rods, tie rods, and rack spacer to get more angle this year!

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January Update

Nothing much really going on right now. Still parting out this S13 that I was going to build. I think I’m up to about $5700 in profit. I hope I can sell the rest and buy some parts for the R32.   I just sold my old R32 coilovers and from some of the S13 […]

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2015 Vehicle Review

1990 HCR32 Skyline Performance RB20DET Factory Side Mount Intercooler KOYO Radiator Earl’s 19 Row PS Cooler Air Pod Test Pipe Cat Back Exhaust Suspension CST Coilovers 8k/6k Cusco Negative Camber Upper Arms Rear Upper Camber Arms S14 Subrframe STANCE Solid Conversion Bushings Cusco Strut Bars Exterior BN Sports Style Aero GTR Hood GTR Grill Blitz […]

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Post Christmas Drift

Come back to town yesterday so we could go drifting.  Found a little ramen spot last night.        Haven’t gotten any pictures from the event. I took some GoPro footage but I’m not sure if I’ll upload it. The event was wet from rain and I’ve never really drifted in the rain before so […]

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TE Time

Test fitted the TE’s.  They fit great up front….not so good in the back.  Looks like I need to sell 4 17×9 +15 and 2 18×9.5 +12.  The S14 subframe made the car have a wider track, essentially having a 10mm spacer on at all time lol     Fronts look good but I might keep […]

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Got one last event in Sunday before the year ends. I hope there isn’t another event for a little bit so I can order some parts and upgrade the skyline.  I traded a used eBay GT35 turbo for a RB25 turbo which I’ll be swapping before round 1 in 2016. I would like to also […]

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Season Ending Injury

Was going to build the 180sx but the R32 was just way too cool this past weekend drifting. Going to part out the shell and get rid of it.  I got engaged and I don’t need any other project when the real project is building a life for Kayla and I together.  Anyways, here are […]

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Practice Day

Went drifting on Sunday. First time driving the car since I swapped in the S14 subframe. It rocks. Car drives great and I’m defiantly wanting more seat time in this thing.            

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The arrival 

Got the 180sx into the garage last night with the help from my roommates. Started taking everything that I’m not wanting and posting them for sale.  I have a lot of inventory that needs to be moved.    

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Comeback Season

   Well I got another 180sx.  Scored a crazy deal with a full car and a RB25. The motor is disassembled but came with a ton of new parts that was for the rebuild of the motor.  Plan is to sell absolutely everything that I don’t need or want, then play the house money to […]

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Subframe Update PT 2

I got majority of the Arms on, swapped to S14 knuckles and got the axels back on.  Now I have 2 problems. I need to get new ball joints for the S14 RLCA and I need to get S14 coilovers for the rear since I swapped knuckles.  Luckily, I have already ordered new ball joints […]

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Subframe Update

S14 subframe went smooth. I cut all the bushings out and replaced them with solid bushings. Touge Factory/Stance Solid Conversion subframe bushings and Brett/Enjuku Racing solid diff bushings.     Install was pretty easy. I put the bushings in the freezer and I think that helped. Got the bushings in and the subframe on the car […]

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Here we go again

 Removing subframes sucks.    Got it removed and all ready to scrap.    S14 subframe needs to be cleaned and painted.   Trying to order bushings today. I think I might get solid diff bushings too. 

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Sticker Day!

Got some awesome stickers in the mail yesterday!       BH sent me a Team BH World sticker. Reflective Red…#5 out of 7. I know Damon got one and I’m sure Tony got one but idk who my other 4 teammates.  Satsukawa sent me some sticker too! I’m about to remove all my stickers and […]

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S14 Shell

I figured I would post some pictures of the shell that I have acquired.                         I don’t know if I have shared the story oh how I got this thing. So here it is… I was needing a new subframe since I broke mine at Final Bout. I found a […]

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2016 Brainstorming: Take 1

I started looking on the auctions/UpGarage again…terrible mistake. Didn’t find any HKS 2530 turbos but I did find about 3 RB25 turbos at various UpGarages for $40-$90. The idea of buying all of then just in case something happen might be an option.  Any reader care to comment? 

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Ok , so I broke my subframe at Final Bout 2 and I haven’t replaced it. Teddy told me to get get a S14 subframe because he know his R32’s. So I have sourced a S14 subframe will everything on it and planning on picking it up on Saturday. I am needing to order solid […]

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Final Bout 2

One week, 3 friends and 3000 miles.  I never wanted to leave.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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Final Bout Prep

so things didn’t go as planned so I had to get other things ready.  This is the results…       I was planning to go with a vented hood and PS Duce aero kit. Both fell through so I had to scramble to get this BN Sports replica kit and the GTR hood. Fortunately the […]

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Weekly Update 

32 days until we leave for Final Bout. Won’t be getting new PS Duce aero so I’ll have to settle for BN. It’s more expensive so I’ll have to pinch some more pennies, or sell more wheels. Just picked up these Model 5’s so they will probably be up for sale next week. 17×9 +22 […]

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Current Mood

I have been thinking about how lame drifting is. Thinking about selling the R32 after Final Bout as well. Who knows. Japan fucked me up haha    

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Back in the U.S.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve been laying low. Trying to find a job. Went to a drift event. That’s about it.                Got my new passenger seat. I think it’s a Brix.   

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Japan Day 32

My last full day in Japan. How sad 😦 Got the tires dismounted from the Blitz so they can be shipped back to me. Everything was packed up for my flight tomorrow. Walked to the Family Mart and saw a little place with a R31 parked in front of it. Didnt have my camera or […]

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Japan Day 31

Today, I was suppose to get everything ready so that I could fly out tomorrow but my flight got pushed back a day so took another day to relax and enjoy the nice weather. It was pretty warm which was nice. I had to mail back my phone so now I can only use my […]

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Japan Day 30

My wheels came in at Car Made today so I swung by and picked them up. Pretty please about the wheels. Not bad for $380. After picking up my wheels, I needed to stop by the local Yellow Hat for some items requested by a friend of mine. Just a air freshener and some vent […]

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Japan Day 29

My time here is coming to an end so I’m beginning to wrap things up. It started raining so I packed some things I’m shipping back.  Since it was raining, I went to get ramen.        Not much else to report on. I reflect on my trip a lot now since it’s pretty much […]

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Japan Day 27

It was Sunday Funday. Weather was great so I just strolled around. Nothing really to take pictures of but I did get lunch at the Tempora place and I always get the large rice because I think I’m Goku when I eat.     Tomorrow I’m going to Miyajima. I’ll try to take a lot of […]

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Japan Day 26

Rained all day so I just relaxed. Read alot about civics hatchbacks today as they have peaked my interests ever since I went to Osaka and saw one of the LateRiser’s EK hatch. Got to use my HKS umbrella when I went to get ramen, fried rice, chicken cutlet and Boss Rainbow coffee. Im so […]

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Japan Day 25

Needed to swap injectors before I took the S14 to Hadashi. That became an all day task. Then when it came to plugging up everything, the knock sensor plug ripped off the wires so we messed with that for a while. Once that was all done, Mr. Iwata had to run an errand before we […]

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Japan Day 24

Went to bed early because my laptop charger broke so I woke up early to get to 326 Power. While I was headed out of town, Mr. Iwata was in front of me heading to the auctions. That was pretty funny. Anyways, got to 326 Power. Haraguchi and his staff were going through the new […]

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Japan Day 23

Showed up to Car Made and Mr. Iwata had the motor running and the hood on. Pleasant surprise there.        Sat in the car and didn’t fit. Typical Anyways, I drove over to the upper lot to snag another seat with rails on it to see if it would fit. It did 🙂 super […]

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Japan Day 22

Bought a hood.     Went to Car Made to finish the s14. Changed the transmission oil, put new oil in, changed spark plugs and the car didn’t start. Needed spark. I think it’s the coilpack since the old motor was an S15 SR and the new one is a S14 SR. Coilpack a from the […]

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Japan Day 21

Did laundry then went to Car Made. When I showed up, Mr. Iwata had the transmission mounted up. We wrestled the motor in. I forgot how much trouble that dumb motor is to get into the mounts. I had the same trouble as I did last time. Oh we got it done then Mr. Iwata […]

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Japan Day 20

Decided to go to the local toy store before I went to Car Made to continue working on the S14.  They had lots of models. It was awesome and I kind of want to get into them.                   Walked out of the store and saw this.     Went to Car […]

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Japan Day 19

Got the stud out but it started raining some more. Going to clean up the threads because the previous person mess them up I think. Probably the reason for the stuck bolt.  Started raining, took a nap. Woke up later than expected. Day over. Saw this.        Edit: Still awake. Went and got food […]

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Japan Day 18

Went to Car Made to try to get more work done on the S14. Got both turbos off each motor. The new motor was sitting outside, under a tarp, and Iwata was working on a customers car so we didn’t have room to move it inside. It started to rain and I tried to hide […]

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Japan Day 17

Pretty relaxing day. Enjoyed the nice weather, contemplated about my car, searched the auctions for parts, and ate food.  Went to an arcade to play this for a while.   This dude was watching me and high fiving me after ever win. Pretty kooky.     Went to the huge electronic store to see what that […]

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Japan Day 16

Went over to Car Made to start working on the S14. Grabbed donuts before I started work.       Got the motor pulled and then ate some ice cream. After working on the car, I grabbed Ramen and saw this.     Still considering what needs to be done for Final Bout. Having found a turbo […]

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Japan Day 15

Woke up and went down to the GTR Garage lower lot to start getting a 180sx ready for the engine to be pulled. Since I flipped the R32, I feel pretty bad for pretty much wasting money so Im helping out while Im here. I really dont mind doing the stuff since I enjoy the […]

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Japan Day 14

I slept in since I drove so much the night before. Woke up and got my stitches taken out. It only cost me $6 🙂 My mind was still thinking about the Kids Heart event so I spent most of the day talking with the drivers on the event on Facebook and searching YAJ to […]

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Japan Day 13

I’ve procrastinated this post for about 12 hours now. I have absolutely no words to describe the Kids Heart event but I will try to do my best. Here we go… I woke up at 6am in Nagoya to get to YZ circuit in time for the event. Once there, it was pouring rain but […]

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Japan Day 12

Woke up and drove to Osaka to see some friends. Stopped by a couple UpGarages on my way up. Didn’t find much. UpGarage doesn’t have all the good stuff like they used to.  Got to Osaka and meet up with everyone at the Pokemon center at Osaka Station. From there we went back to their […]

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Japan Day 11

Raining again today. Kind of lame but my back is still healing and I don’t have a car to go drift in so its ok.  Got breakfast at the convienance store and saw this.         Then I went go drop off some tires and wheels at the GTR Garage lot as I wouldn’t need […]

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Japan Day 10

Still healing up so I went to the store to get a sweet pair of coveralls. I was going to get a jumpsuit but I saw these and had to buy.    Took a hot shower and replaced the bandages for my stitches.     Decided to go to Nagoya early so I can meet up […]

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Japan Day 8-9

Yesterday didnt go as planned. I woke up after going to sleep for the first time in 2 days. Got going and headed over to Workman to get come coveralls. Got those and got breakfast. Made my way over to the upper and lower lots that GTR Garage has for wheels and tires. After all […]

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Japan Day 6-7

Man what I day! Lots to talk about. Woke up early again but this time I had stuff to do. I had to swap out a turbo to manifold gasket on the R32 practice car and change the oil. I was given the gasket the day prior so as soon as the sun was up, […]

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Japan Day 5

I usually write these posts the morning after so I can reflect on everything I did the day before but today I have some time before a car meet so Ill write it now. Plus I’ll make another post of the car meet. Woke up today early again and went to get breakfast. I try […]

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Japan Day 4

It rained all day so not much happened. Spent the morning on YAJ and Upgarage website to find parts. One of the local US guys came over to take me to lunch on Base. I ate Taco Bell. Then we went up a local touge which I really want to go back. That was about […]

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Japan Day 3

Boy! Do I have a story for today! So I woke up at 1:30 AM from nap that start at 2:30pm the day before. I must have been exhausted. My plan was to go to Hiroshima to check out the 2 UpGarages that are there. I found out that UpGarage doesn’t open until 11Am. I […]

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Japan Day 2

My sleep schedule is ruined. I went to sleep at Midnight and woke up at 4am. Nothing was open so I used the time to update my build thread on Zilvia and organize my pictures/videos. After the sun came up, I went to 7/11 for breakfast. I got a Boss coffee and a Japanese Churro. […]

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Japan Day 1

I went to sleep at midnight and I’m up at 4am so I’ll write this post now. I woke up at 4:30am on Sunday to get to the airport for my 7:15am flight to Chicago. I flew from Chicago to Seoul, Korea in what was the longest flight of my life. 12-13 hours long but […]

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Japan Planning: Part 2

I’ve kept Richard at GTR Garage pretty busy with all my questions. I feel guilty about that but I’m sure he is getting a little excited for me as well. Anyways, Richard informed me that No Name Heroes competition will not be happening for me because the AE86 does not have JIC (insurance). Bummer but […]

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Japan Planning: Part 1

How things are so far: I have plane tickets I have a place to stay I rented an Iphone to use I have 2 cars to drift (so far) I have a tournament to drift in at the end of my first week there. I’m going to 326 power I’m meeting up with Max (DriftWolrd) I’m […]

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Mid Life Crisis 

I’m going to Japan. I quit my job and haven’t heard anything solid yet so I decided to go to Japan for a month. Bought the tickets this morning. June 7th to July 10th.  I’m going to drive at the track 3 times a week and hopefully hit the streets a lot. GTR Garage has […]

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Post Round 3

Where do I start!? GTR Garage showed up and had an awesome booth! They gave me a bunch of swag and I took a few new customers out for rides. It was a great time for everyone to get to know each other. On Sunday they told us that they are going to sponsor us. […]

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Oil Cooler: Part 2

Well I headed out this morning to get 2 new fitting to finish the oil cooler install today. Plumbed all the hoses, tighten all the fittings and mounted the filter relocation.     Trimmed the fender lining to protect the hoses and fittings. Going to need a skid plate eventually.          Threw on the front […]

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Oil Cooler: Part 1

Started my oil cooler install today! After driving at Mineral Wells, the oil temps got hotter than they did at GGP so I went ahead and got an oil cooler. I went with a 19 row earls cooler and the PBM oil filter relocation kit. I’ve always wanted to relocation my oil filter and with […]

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Breaking Blitz: Part 2 

Today, I stripped the wheel faces.      I just used some paint stripped. You can use aircraft stripper. Either way it works. Then I took them to the car wash and pressure washed them off.  Next I’ll try to polish them but if it’s too hard, I’ll take them somewhere to finish off the job. 

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