EK Tune Up

I’ve always had this excitement when there are “tune up” kits or “power packs”available  for a car. Like when I owned my Z, there was a company that offered test pipes, intake, and a plenum spacer all together for a affordable price. I thought that was the coolest thing. 

When I was looking into doing to maintance for the civic, I stumbled across this Tune Up Kit. 

Ordered it Friday, got here Saturday morning. 

So the kit came with the following: Spark Plug Wires, Spark Plugs, Distributor Cap, Rotor, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, and PCV Valve. All for $100!   

There is the engine bay. Pretty messy 😦

Spark plugs, distributor cap gasket and the rotor all needing replacing. Oil is always good to replace when getting a car into your possession. The fuel filter wasn’t too bad but I still replaced it for easy of mind. 

It was way too hot today to do anything else besides all the maintenance stuff. I did go wash/vacuum the car today as well. 

After driving the car, the suspension is defiantly what needs to be addressed first. The car already drop springs and camber kit but I think it’s old stuff. 

Trying to keep things cheap so it will take time to get the car where I want it to be. I’ll probably sell it before I finish lol 

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