Helped a friend out with getting his ’66 mustang coupe. This car is so cool and makes me wish I wasn’t building a dumb jap car. *sigh*

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All Bronze Everything

Gotta sweet deal on some TE37’s last week. Shipped from Japan to Texas in 5 days which was really awesome because they weren’t suppose to ship out until this week. Going to sell a pair and get 18’s for the rear.

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Clean Up

Lu and I tried to clean some of the engine bay. Didnt have a pressure washer so its not finished but here are the before and after pictures.    Before   After

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Making Moves.

Plan today was to clean up the garage and post the KA for sale. Got both goal accomplished and I even sold the KA…in about 20 mins after posting it for sale. That was rad.   Plus some parts came in today. Shroud, downpipe, belts, spark plugs, and tie rods. Thats Oscar, my roommates car. […]

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KA extracted!

Pulled the motor today…wasn’t too bad. Lu helped a lot. Thanks dude. What a mess! Now to sell it, clean the car and garage then begin to prep the SR.

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Day 2 of KA removal

Slowly but surely, the KA is coming out. Today I removed the radiator/fan, throttle cables, unplugged the wiring harness, remove the AC compressor and started removing the drive shaft. Nothing special really.

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Prep for KA removal

Had some extra time today to get started on removing the old KA. Never done a motor swap before but it probably isn’t hard. Found a cool guide on Speed. Academy which I took some pointers from. Drained all the fluids (oil, coolant and trans), removed the intake, charcoal canister and exhaust which was good enough for […]

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And so it begins…

Finally got a hoist and stand so that I could take the SR out of the back of my truck instead of driving around town with it. Nothing special, just some Harbor Freight junk. Anyway, basic SR swap with the typical maintenance stuff. Nothing special. Just want to drive. But before I could unload the […]

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I think this picture is cool, taken by Proper Garage

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OG Bride

I forgot to post this but I bought a Bride Zeta 1 before the past drift event. Ordered a seat bracket and side mounts but didn’t come in so I had someone weld me up a ghetto seat mount so I could have my seat for Round 3. The seat is badass because I fit […]

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Round 3 Lone Star Drift

Where do I begin….not a bad day of driving. I really like driving the 180 but the KA sucks. An injector failed and I had to wait until the afternoon to get a new one. Tried to go hard for the rest of the day but I bent 2 PBM inner tie rods. After further […]

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Got my clutch out in today. Bought a Competition Clutch White Bunny kit a while back but never got a chance to install it. My friend David came over to install it for me which was pretty awesome. I tried to help as much as I could. Drifting next weekend and still awaiting some stuff […]

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Well it didn’t take long for me to slowly stop updating but I haven’t done much anyways. Just been driving around. It’s nice. Anyways, I bought a seat about 2 minutes ago. Not sure if I’ll fit but it’s it’s what I’ve wanted. Bride Zeta 1.

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Flashback Friday

I wish I was back at Mexican Standoff. That has been my favorite event so far. I drove (no trailer) from Alabama back to Texas just for this event. Yokoi was there and it was the first time I “Tandemed”. I did a lot of preventive maintenance to the Z because it was the middle […]

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Lone Star Drift Round 1

One word: Failure I think I drove 6 laps then bent an inner tie rod. Couldn’t find a replacement so my weekend was done even before lunch on Saturday. It sucked. So I just parked my car and hangout with friends. That wast too bad. I’ve already ordered the replacement tie rod and an extra […]

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Finished…for now

I’ve been planning to have the car finished by the 18th, which is my birthday. And by finish I mean having all the aero on and all Minerva’s haha still have some mechanical stuff to deal with but other than that, it looks like we are good to go this weekend for Round 1.

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D1 Spec!

When I originally was ordering parts for my brakes, I wanted Project Mu rear pads because I’m a fan boy but when I placed my order, the pads were on back order for 6-8 weeks so I cancelled and just ordered Hawks pads. Well today I received a package and I couldn’t think of what […]

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Weekend Wrap Up

Last weekend before Round 1 and I thought I was going to get everything finished but I didn’t. Finally got the car started and drove it out of the garage Saturday morning. I was pretty excited about that. Picked up the aero from paint and begun to put it all on. Drove to Firestone this […]

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Hump day

Clutch and gaskets showed up yesterday. Went ahead and put the new valve cover gasket. Plus I had Panda Express so it was a good day.

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2 weeks before GGP

So crunch time started today…have lots to so before the weekend and the list looks like this: Bleed Brakes Bleed Clutch Roll Fenders Dial in Suspension Get a Alignment Get inspection Than this weekend looks like this: Pick up Aero Install Aero Install Clutch Mount More tires Hopefully everything works out. Fingers crossed

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Losing Focus

I have been slacking with the blog lately. Didn’t want to deal with the car for a little bit and work got busy so I didn’t have time. But I got a chance to work on the diff and subframe so it got me motivated again. Went down to my friend’s shop to get some […]

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Caliper Rebuild

Needed to rebuild the front Z32 calipers that I have so I can finish everything on the front end before I get started on the rear end. I couldn’t get the pistons out so Andrew let me borrow his air compressor to pop them out. So here are the calipers…I don’t remember if I posted […]

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Weekend Recap

Got the front suspension installed. Put the Ganadors on. CMC and BMC installed. Carpet came in but needs to be put in. Removed the short shifter because the shift knob was stuck and I didn’t want it. Sold the Chuki bumper. Super Bowl was lame. Need to rebuild the front calipers this week. Still no […]

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Imran shared these with me earlier this week and suggested I buy them…so I did. Kunio from GTR Garage won the auction for me this morning. I’m pretty pumped to have these. Kunio also found my Ganadors over in JLand too. I would recommend hitting up for anything you need for your car from […]

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I ordered Ganadors and D-Max side markers from GTR Garage in November/December, shipped them by surface and they finally arrived! Today has been pretty good. Both Ganadors and Minervas both in one day!? And I tweeted them too lol

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Installed ball joints in the S14 FLCA yesterday. Much easier with 2 sets on hands (Thanks Pooter). Checked where all my parts are and everything should be arriving today and tomorrow which is pretty sweet. Now I just have to clean things up before everything goes in this weekend. Need to order tires but I […]

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So ive been slacking and not really posting but once a week. Anyways, Powered by Max finally got their S14 inner tie rods in stock so I ordered those and some subframe risers.   Also got some BV tension rods from Imran and ordered some BV rear toe arms from Touge Factory. I just need […]

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Another Monday Post…

It seems like Mondays are slow enough for posts but I should post more often. No pictures because Im lazy. Took apart the subframe and cleaned it. No paint, not really into that so it will stay black. Got some Battle Verison tension rods and rear toe arms. Sold all the stock suspensions that I […]

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Picked up some hangers for the peg board that was in the garage when I got it. Now I need more tools. Dropped the subframe but it was too dark for a good picture Sold some stock parts that I pulled off the car yesterday. Not too shabby for a Monday.

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Welcome to Houston

I got some catching up to do so here we go. Coilovers were delivered early this week. Just some Stance SS coilovers that I ordered from Got the front lip in that I purchased from Zilvia. Still waiting on my Ganadors so everything can go to paint. The 180sx has finally arrived to Houston. […]

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Kouki Tails

Forgot to mention that I got the taillights installed and all wired up. I soldered all the plugs with using the old pigtails from the 240sx taillights. It was pretty easy and the taillights are probably one of my favorite things on the car. The lower garnish still needs to be painted white and remove […]

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Wheels Arrived!

So finally I got my wheels in. I went with R33’s because 1. I didnt want fake wheels *cough G33 cough* 2. i know I can sell them quick to either Andrew or Pooter since they look and fit amazing on their Altezza’s and 3. Its part of my Stage 1 OEM+ plans and they have worked out […]

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Happy New Year

Holidays are done…got some work done on the 180sx. Got all the aero mounted, replaced the rubber stopper for the brake lights, installed and wired the taillights. Traded a pair of PF01’s for front z32 calipers/hubs/rotors and cash. The car will be delivered at the end of the month so Im trying to get all […]

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Rainy Day

Weather sucks so I cant work on the car. I need a garage but I did mount up the front bumper and rear valances yesterday. I was going to install the Kouki taillights but that isn’t going to happen today. I removed all of the black strip that was around the car and the pin […]

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Christmas 2013

I got some pretty cool Option2 stickers in the mail. I ordered 3 but the dude sent me 6 so it looks like I’ll give some away. I also order some wheels so I’m excited for those to come in. Haven’t really told anyone because it’s not really a big deal to anyone. My pops […]

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Finding Inspiration

I’ve been going through a few builds and blog to figure out thing for the 180sx to see what looks good, what to do/not do and what have others done. These are some of my favorites. BH’s 180sx   Olly’s 180sx The two 180sx from C’s Garage Damon’s S13

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Still Catching Up

Well after I stashed the 180sx at my parents house, I moved off to Alabama for a job. The job sucked but I did score an OEM bumper and taillights for pretty cheap.  Had to go to the ATL for the bumper but it was an awesome trip I took with my good friends BB and […]

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The Beginning…

You gotta start sometime i guess so here we go. I’m gonna “try” to keep up with this blog-thing while I build this 180sx. I’ve always wanted to do a “build thread” or whatever you want to call it and I figured now is the best time to start.  So a little background…In late 2011, […]

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