The Chronicles Coverage

Over the last 2 weeks, Joey from The Chronicles has been posting about his time here in Houston with the Wekfest event. He has shown a lot of love for my car and I’m astonished. I finally feel that with the current state of the R32, I can hold my own and be proud of […]

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Wekfest 2018

Went to wekfest this weekend. A friend of mine signed me up with my email when I thought he was sending me PayPal after asking for my email. The night before, Mayday Garage (local Houston group) hosts a premeet. It’s always the best thing about wekfest or any other big car show. This year’s premeet […]

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SuperD Midwest Trial 2018

SuperD…..what an experience. Since FB2, I haven’t went to a large event to drive, just to spectate. Life has taken priority over the last couple of years. But for this event, I registered out of the blue without any real plans. Prior to leaving, I was chasing down lots of issues. Fluid leaks, swapping back […]

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In the midst of my SuperD prep, we ran out of dog food so Kayla and I ran to Petco to get some dog food. As soon as we walked into the petco, I ran into Jason David Frank. If you don’t know, JDF played the green, white, red and black Power Ranger. He is […]

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Weekend Update

Got the motor installed. Just need to installed the new Wiring Specialties Harness and sensors then double check everyone. Pooter picked up my Kouki aero this weekend finally! The dude just couldn’t meet up for some reason but he got it done! Thanks Poot!!

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Issue #1 with this S13

So the clutch pedal seemed to be sticking when I got the car. I figured it just needed to be bled. I drove the car on Friday and when I left work, I got about a mile down the road when the clutch pedal got stuck to the floor. I couldn’t put it in gear […]

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