Breaking Blitz: Part 1 

When I bought the Blitz 03’s, I was told they were 17×8 +38 and 17×9 +35. I’ve always wanted to run a 8″ front wheel because from the old drift tengoku videos, the drivers were running really small wheels with spacers. So keeping with that style I bought the wheels them ordered the correct spacers […]

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Come Pictures 

My lead run…I was nervous and bailed out after I felt the car beginning to slow down and I knew he would power into me.    I think this is my follow run lol my car is slow     

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TXSL Round 2

Went drifting this weekend at Mineral Wells. The track is too fast for my slow car. I struggled a lot. I qualified 6th out of 11 drivers but lost in my first battle. But I think the driver I lost to, won the event so that’s ok. It was great to see everyone. All my […]

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Roof Repair: Part 2 

First off, my roommate and I finally received some of our wheels and parts from GTR Garage. They sent me a C33 roll cage instead of my R32 roll cage. That sucked but They are trying to confirm the other roll cage at the shop is mine and will overnight the cage if it’s it. […]

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Roof Repair: Part 1

So when I got the R32 the roof was pretty bad. The clear coat was peeling and I was needing to get it fixed. Im eventually going to repair the car (keeping black) but I wanted to clean up the roof first. A Bo Moon is alway posting pictures of painting they kits and cars […]

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Identifying The Body

i was told that the kit on the Skyline was PS Duce but upon further investigation, I believe it is Vertex.  PS Duce   Vertex   Me      The kits are pretty similar with the front and rear bumpers but the side skirts is what’s different. PS Duce has more flare. The Vertex doesn’t. So […]

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Weekend Recap

Kayla came into town and we went to Galveston with the Hudsons. Andrew and I took a picture.     Kayla and I took some pictures too.        We ate some seafood, drank some drinks, played some games. It was a great time.  Came home and started getting the Skyline ready for next weekend’s drift […]

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Blitz 03: Part 1 

Mounted tires, had to remove coilovers in the rear to get the bottom coilover bucket thingy to move so I could lower the rear. Then I had to install 35mm spacers in the front because the fronts are 8″ wide. I’ll see if this setup works. I would like to relip the fronts to 9″ […]

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Power On

Pooter got me the Matt Powers x Earnest work gloves for my birthday and they finally arrived. I’m going to use them for changing tires at events. I’ve used them already 🙂  

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First Roadtrip

Took the R32 on the first Roadtrip to San Marcos this weekend. It didn’t miss a beat. The front bumper kept scrapping on everything because the roads are bad. Oh well. 

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Furious 7

just watched it….I didn’t think it’s that good. I like the terrible acting and ricer cars and the nostalgia. I like everything nostalgic. 

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House Money

Since Damon just asked what does it mean, I’ll post a little story about it.  After I met Damon at Final Bout, we began to chit chat about our 180’s. Then I sold my 180 and all my parts for money. But when I did, I was able to sell most of the parts for […]

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Since Franklin just asked what does it mean, I’ll post a little story about it.  So Pooter and I have been friends since 1999. We grew up together and recently he left for basic training because he joined the Air Force. So me being me, I figured I would come up with some silly nickname, […]

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Car show

Ricebowl is Saturday and my car isn’t going to be as nice as anyone else’s. I broke the rear bumper, cracked the front and the clear coat on the top of the car is bad. I’m already embarrassed but people want to see it because it’s a skyline. Oh well

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Went Drifting 

First time driving the R32 and I couldn’t be more happier with the car. Even took the car out to dinner tonight.  I’ll post pictures as I find them. There is a video on facebook/instagram of me driving. It was rad.      

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TXSL Round 1 prep

My friends showed up. Went to RiceBox. Installed Cusco Camber Arms. I changed spark plugs, gapped them too big, regapped, runs fine. Got an alignment. Put wheels on that I borrowed from friends. Ready for drifting tomorrow.  Picture recap.             

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STRI Gauges

so I bought some Defi gauges but they were white and green so I wasn’t really feeling them. Sold them to my roommate and bought these. I’ll install them this weekend.   

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Dear BH. Thanks for telling me “Have a nice day” and accepting my friend request on FB. Now my plan can get started pursuing you to back into car.  – JY 

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Stewart Leask offered me another BH World sticker for the R32…I said I couldn’t take it I feel I have to earn those kinds of things and I feel guilty for hand outs.  Oh well, maybe one day….

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Radiator Install: attempt 1

Went to install the new radiator today. Was going pretty smooth until I brought the radiator out to swap over the shroud and figured out that I was sent the wrong one. Now I have to try to get s new radiator by Friday so I can get my transmission and diff fluid changed. GREAT! […]

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Weekend Build!

So Saturday, I woke up and got ready to work on the car. First up was the oil change. Easy and Basic. No pictures because thats so simple and boring. Next up was the taillight. One of the light was blinking so I took off the back of the taillight and found a crazy looking […]

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Finally Home!!!

Story Time: Yesterday, GTR Garage told me everything was good to go and that I could go pick up my car so I left work early to go get it. Super pumped!! The website for the port said they closed at 5pm. We got there at 4:50pm and was told they closed at 4pm so […]

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R32 Build Part 2: FLUIDS

I decided to do some fluid changes as soon as I get the car. Oil, Coolant, Transmission, Differential and Power steering. I picked up everything locally except the KAAZ diff fluid which bought on eBay. Since the radiator will be replaced, coolant will be replaced. I wanted to do a oil cooler and filter relocation […]

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No Reservations 

Andrew and I decided to take a trip down to Bellaire on Saturday to find some new places to eat.  The first place we went to was a place that I have been before with some coworkers. I kind of knew what to order so we went ahead and at there first.  First up was […]

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JY’s Ramen World

I have been trying to cook different style meals lately to “challenge” myself. I enjoy cooking a lot and I’ve begun to try to build my “skills”. Today, I cooked ramen today for the first time.   

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Single Digit Days Left

9 days to go until the car is available to be picked up….if it’s on schedule. Still have like 10 wheels, roll cage, door panels, strut bars and Ect to come in. Might be buying 6 more wheels then selling wheels I don’t need/want. Cool picture

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PSA: Wheel Shopping In Japan

I don’t think people utilize UpGarage as much as they should. Most people here in the U.S. just search on Yahoo Japan Auctions to find what they want or need but UpGarage does have some good deals from time to time. Just got to look for them. Just an FYI if anyone reads this blog

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Final Bout Prep pt 1

So Anthony bought a pair of my 17″ TE’s a while back and we were going to get a set of 18’s and split them but I came across a pair at UpGarage for $750 so I told him he should get them. GTR Garage hooked it up for less than $900 shipped to him […]

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Another Yahoo JP score

To me, the R32 will look best with cool chrome wheels. So I found some Gulf Stitch wheels for $85 lol They are 18’s and unknown sizing. Lips are scrapped up but I was planning on replacing them anyways to get the correct sizing.

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FB2 announcement

Final Bout 2 was announced today to the public. The excitement is building which is awesome. I hope there won’t be any ugly cars. I want mine to be the worse and drive the worse. The DVD should be the next thing that comes out and hopefully a cool flyer with all the teams from […]

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Bring Her Back

Brought the Z back home from leaving it at work for the past couple months. Had to get a new battery, change the oil and mount new front tires. It’s fun to drive but I wish it looked cooler…needs vertex still 😦

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ATX visit

Can’t sleep so I’ll tell you about my weekend since I took some pictures. Went to Austin, Tx because the weather was nice. Ate Ramen and had beer(s). Then went back to San Marcos to eat pizza and get some drinks at the “speakeasy” in the pizza place. ( I should go to Austin more […]

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R32 shipping delayed

R32 didn’t get shipped out today. Bummer. Going to be shipped out at the end of the month and I’ll be able to pick it up at the end of February. Got 6 weeks to wait now. I’ll go back to playing video games I guess.

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Collecting wheels

Found some XC8’s in chrome for $250. In Japan of course. I can’t even look at Zilvia or locally for wheels because buying in Japan is so cheap. Hopefully I get them, would be nice to add to the collection.

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R. midnight

Justin got new aero…I think it’s going to be great. I always imagine him with cool body kits and setting the bar for style in Texas for drifting. Anything that gets him closer to his old red car makes me happy.

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Spoke with Josh and Ilia about Final Bout 2 last night. That was daunting but those dudes are really nice! I wonder if I’ll ever get over the feeling of being a scrub when trying to talk to the OG’s lol Here is a cool picture of Andrew’s car

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R32 pictures

Still getting a few pictures from Kunio at GTR Garage. Those guys are helping me a lot with this thing and I really appreciate it. They are replacing things for free which is awesome!! Things like the door panels, fixing the aero, and finding me parts for super cheap!!! update: the car has the following […]

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YAJ score!

Picked up a set of gram lights so super duper cheap. 17×9 +12 18×9.5 +12 This was even cooler though… Josh told me to be at Final Bout. It’s really cool to be noticed by the OG’s. I’m lame but it’s stuff like this that geeks me out.

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Post Auction House

Got some picture sent to me by Kunio. There is some damage but I was asked if I was going to keep the kit and I said yes so Kunio said he will fix it and repaint the kit for me for free. Sweet! We are trying to track down a roll cage so a […]

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I have to take an excel training class today…….it sucks, super boring. Need more R32 stuff going on. I’m waiting on the inspection of a HCR32 that GTR Garage bought and if I like it, im buying it. They want to sponsor me for drifting as well for the TXSL series next year which is […]

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Year One

So today is the one year anniversary of the blog. It’s been a good year and today the shell was sold. Kind of ironic isn’t it?

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Thoughts from a Balcony…

Since no one really reads my blog, Ill share my current thoughts with those who do. So I had this cool plan of swapping in a S14/S15 sr20 and doing GT1 aero after my redtop got rod knock. I sold the Type X aero, motor and a bunch of other stuff. With a good chunk […]

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First Round of Photos

From the first TXSL event All photos were taken by By the way, the reason why my banner looks like shit was because I wasn’t going to put it on until next year but Losey wasn’t going to let me compete if I didn’t have it so I decided not to compete. Then my friends […]

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TXSL day 2

Replaced the brake line and just drive as much as possible. I’m not very good at driving this car but it’s getting there. We did a cool bloodrunner style parade lap then did a out first team tandem. 5 car deep was pretty awesome even though it was spaced out. I’ll post more pictures when […]

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Made it to the event. Clutch slave bleeder valve came loose and my front caliper broke off the knuckles. It was fun. Also took some pictures with justin I’ll post some later

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Day 31

Couldn’t get an alignment, no roll cage and the car wouldn’t start. Had to change the spark plugs, add gas and check over everything. Finally started and it died after driving around some. Needed a lot of gas. The tank was empty. Plus the car was cutting out and backfiring so I checked over everything. […]

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Day 30

Car runs and drives but cuts out and backfired. Must be a boost leak. Got all the aero on and wheels of course. Replaced the power steering pump as well. I’m so confused about what I did. So much work to do.

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Day 29

So we got the electrical shit all sorted out. It was the SMJ. The bolt that compresses the 2 halves together wasn’t tighter and the circuit wants complete. We looked through everything, wasted a lot of time to only find out it was that. How stupid! Anyway, I took Friday off to finish the car […]

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I want this..

All of this. Bucket seat for driver, reclinable for passenger, gauges in roll cage, no carpet with sound deadening gone, floormats and a single din. Even harnesses would be cool. Koguchi is King!!!

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Day 28

So I rolled the fenders more…they are fucked. I don’t know what I’m doing so I hope someone hits me in tandem and I can get over fenders then paint. I lowered the rear some more then tried to tackle the electrical problem. I changed all the grounds back to factory locations, checked all the […]

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Day 27

Swapped oil pans and installed a new rear caliper on the passenger side. Still haven’t figured out why my dash or taillights have no power. Must be a grounded wire.

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Day 24-26

Went to a wedding for the weekend. Came back, put my seat in the car and drove it. It’s fast…maybe faster than my Z. Racewars is this weekend so I’ll be busy all week.

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Day 23

Justin came over today and checked out the car. Tested the MAF and all was good.  Replaced the air idle hose thingy and all was good! The motor doesn’t die when letting off throttle! Now i just got to finish everything else 😦

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Day 22

Swapped in a new MAF and the car seemed to run ok. Didn’t sputter or anything. I let it cool down then checked. Still was bogging when letting off throttle. More soon.

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Day 21

Put the bumper on, grounded 2 more wires (didn’t change anything) and messed with the maf. Nothing changed. I’ll try another MAF tomorrow.

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Days 16-19

So lets talk about the weekend…thought the car was running fine but started smoking. Thought it was bad gas ( i should stop thinking what things are because they are never right) but turned out to be a bad MAF. David came over Sunday night to check everything out again because I quit working on […]

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Day 15

So what was thought to be lifters was actually the clutch fan missing a bolt and not being tighten down. Did that today and car runs fine. I win. Clean the garage for the most part of the evening. Tomorrow the fun stuff starts….

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Day 14

Vacuum lines are done and the battery was relocated. Turned on the car and it started…but it’s making weird sounds so I’ll have my peers suggest possible solutions. Wish me luck Update: The sounds are the lifters. I was told that they need to be bled. So the valve cover and cams have to be […]

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so there is a…

r32 for sale. 4 door also. It would awesome to get. Put my SR in there with the TE’s. Man oh man! Except for the s13 would have to be sold and I haven’t even finished that car so I guess I’ll stay dreaming. *sigh* Anyways, dumb kids still asking dumb questions on these Facebook […]

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Day 13

Vacuum lines and wiring were handled today. Trying to tidy up the engine bay just a little. It’s still dirty and I don’t care. It’s not a car show. Took some cool picture for Damon.

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Day 12

It runs! Revs really high I assume from not having the vacuum lines and other dumb stuff so that will be sorted that out during the week. Video is on my Instagram.

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Day 11

Intercooler installed, intake installed, battery cable for relocation was ran through the car and I played with some of the wiring. Trying to start the car tomorrow. Watched FD today…first event all year I watched. I was more interested in watching Lost Boys on TV than drifting on the Internet. Took some pictures of Andrew’s […]

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Day 10

Radiator, fan and shroud was installed. Catch can was mounted on the shroud again. Played with the suspension and put the car back on the ground. Here are some pictures someone took.  

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Day 9

Rolled the fenders half-assed, lower harness, heater hoses, fuel lines, power steering, AC, and some of the harness is hooked up. Pretty productive. I got sushi afterwards.

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Day 8

Got the driveshaft in, exhaust back all together, the shifter installed and tightened up the subframe. It was another smooth day so I’m going to assume that everything goes smooth until the car starts and then the motor blows up 🙂

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Day 6

Transmission is bolted in and the drive shaft was going in but I saw that my e-brake cable seems to be engaged on the passenger side which would make since because there has always been a rubbing noise coming from that side so I’m glad I found that. Bought some transmission oil yesterday too. Everything […]

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Day 5

My friend David came over and we got the motor to finally bolt in. That’s all

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day 2-4

Couldn’t get the motor mounts to line up on the subframe so I’m going to need an extra pair of hands to help. I suck at cars. Going out of town until Sunday so I’m done for now. Did get the Miracle X Bar in

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I have to stop going on Yahoo Auctions then contacting GTR Garage….

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So I have been dealing with the transmission not wanting to mate with the motor. I even had friends come over to check it out and still couldn’t get it on. Well yesterday the weather was really nice and I had some motivation to try it one more time. With come information about how “sensitive” […]

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Crunch Time

Registration for the first TXSL event started today so that means I gotta start back on the car. Let’s see if I can make this deadline.

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Basic :(

This car needs Vertex, chrome wheels and new yellow paint with graphics….maybe something Haraguchi would do with a Z33

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Care Package

Put the new flex plate on, flywheels is back on and the clutch isn’t…splines on the clutch disc are a little damaged so ill have to file them so it cleans up nicely. I’m pretty bad at car stuff. Anyways, Damon sent me an awesome BH World care package this week. I cant believe that he […]

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Found this picture….Andrew’s car is the best.

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Destiny came out for Xbox One….I’m a loser

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I’m beginning to regret giving the design of the TXSL banner to Losey. Now everyone has them and a lot of lame cars will have them. I dont think I am going to put mine on. It will stay on the wall. Kind of sucks.    I did work on the 180 today. I need […]

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I plan to start back to working on the 180 tomorrow….lets see what happens after work. Final Bout still has me motivated, which is surprising.  

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Final Bout

To say that Final Bout what amazing is an understatement.  From the cars to the people, this event is what the US needed to start a new chapter in drifting. Final Bout was all about stylish cars that could drive just as well as they looked and was by far the most inspiring event I have […]

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Random Thought

I completely forgot that next week is Final Bout and its only been 1 week after Round 6 but it feels so much longer. I was pretty motivated after last weekend that I started on the car again. Pulled the motor and I’m going to start cleaning everything up, wiring specifically, before the motor goes […]

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Im procrastinating at work this morning since it is Friday so ill update this blog with what I have done. Ill post pictures later if i remember. So as right now, I have 3 weeks until I have to drive this car to Mineral Wells to drift with dudes that have come to see Yokoi […]

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