Weekend Update

Got the motor installed. Just need to installed the new Wiring Specialties Harness and sensors then double check everyone. Pooter picked up my Kouki aero this weekend finally! The dude just couldn’t meet up for some reason but he got it done! Thanks Poot!!

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Issue #1 with this S13

So the clutch pedal seemed to be sticking when I got the car. I figured it just needed to be bled. I drove the car on Friday and when I left work, I got about a mile down the road when the clutch pedal got stuck to the floor. I couldn’t put it in gear […]

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Mid 2018 Update

Sold all the S13’s. Parted out a couple other 240sx’s Got the SR tuned after having issues with it not running like I thought it should be Hood painted finally Bought a house. But really have been doing a lot of house things and selling parts from all the part out. Picture dump:

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And another S13….

  Came across a deal for a virgin 1989 S13 hatch in red with Sunroof. Scooped it up and now i have a clean slate for a S13 build.     Towed it home and parked it next to my other S13. The white car will be parted out once again. Only reason im doing […]

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Back in my Possession

      Ok I decided to try to update the blog again. I have having trouble with Photobucket and things but I think i have figured it out.   I got the car back from paint. Still took longer than the last deadline and the car will need to go back to get detailed […]

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