180sx Build: Part 5

We are deep into the COVID pandemic and the car has been sitting for a while waiting for things to settle and i think things for me will be just fine. So I decided to start back up.

I had a surge of inspiration to get things going but the day I was headed home to start things up, I was offered a very generous offer for the car. I took the offer and after a week of talking, the potential buyer could not get the money he had offered in a timely manner so I moved on and went into the garage.

One thing that bothered me was the engine bay. It’s dirty and needs to be redone. Due to the pandemic, I don’t feel like I should take the car to paint right now and I would like to get a KP hood before paint to make sure the color matches. So, I began the process of pulling the engine and cleaning things up.

I’m a couple hours of relaxing tuning, I removed the Intercooler, radiator, intake, harness and fuel lines. Next will be exhaust, mounts and driveshaft then I should be able to get engine out.

More updates to come!

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