180sx Build: Part 4

So nothing has really change on the 180sx since Damon changed. I came across a really cool picture of a silver 180sx on R33’s. I was really inspired with this car.

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My good friend Anthony from DRealm had some R33’s laying around that I could borrow so I got some tires and put them on. It looks really cool and 17/17 has a sweet spot in my heart on a S13.

So the car sat for a while because Final Bout was coming up and I wanted to focus on that. Fast forward to about 2-3 weeks ago and we are deep into the COVID-19 pandemic. Not sure if it’s from being inside for so long or what but I’m really into yellow again for this car. Here is some inspiration that I’m holding on to.

Joel Hedge’s 180sx from when he was in Japan years and Leon’s 180sx (Japanese rock band drummer). I’ve loved Joel’s 180 forever because of the raw factor. Leon’s car is one of my favorite D1 style car. I wish I had a cool hood and a pair of 17” LMGT4’s laying around. Pretty set on Yellow so we will see. My mind changes a lot.

I need to post my Final Bout South stuff too! I’ll get around to that since im stuck inside. Thank care.

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