180sx Build: Part 2

Alright, so after acquiring the seat, car and tail lights, it was time to try to get the rest of the aero so I could have the car look decent while I was looked for an engine.

I found the front bumper from a gentleman that was parting out his white Kouki S13. I tried to buy all the aero but there was another buyer that bought everything but the front bumper. So I opted to get what I could.

Next I found the Kouki wing. Someone on Facebook was selling a group of them so I jumped on one of them.

Trying to find side skirts and rear valances was damn near impossible. It took me a while to find a each set.

But in the meanwhile, I decided that the S14 NA SR20DE that came with the car wasn’t what I wanted. I sold it and was on the search for a S13 KA24DE so I could just drop it in and keep the budget “responsible”.

I picked up a parts car with a stock KA to swap in and I also ended up with another cheap KA locally. So I ended up with 2 S13 KA’s that I was going to clean up and install one in the car.

At this point, I had to pick 1 of the KA’s and sell the other. I ended up selling the one from the parts car because it was an automatic car but as soon as I sold it, someone messaged me wanting to trade a S15 Autech SR20DE engine.

So my plans changed once again and I traded the KA with cash for a S15 SR20DE engine.

This thing was super cool! But I ended up selling it after a week of having it because Damon and I decided that having an Intercooler is cooler and if I’m going to build this car, let’s do it the coolest looking way.

So in the span of 3-4 weeks, I sold 2 SR’s and 2 KA’s. Still didn’t have any more aero and still with no power train.

After deciding to bite the bullet and start bidding on aero on YAJ, I found side skirts and rear valances. Unfortunately I had to buy 3 sets of side skirts and 2 separate auctions for the rear valances just to have everything complete.

Finally after sorting all the aero, It was time to move onto another goal for the car: complete Z32 Brakes. I had the fronts on my last S13 but never the rear. I’ve owned a full set but never installed them. This time, I was going to complete it.

Someone in Zilvia was selling the rear Ebrake assemblies for fairly cheap so I bought them. Then someone posted the calipers for sale on Facebook for cheap and I bought them too. Pads and Rotors were purchased new, of course.

I didn’t take pictures of the brakes before they were on the car so here they are. They are brakes, nothing special. I painted them gold, haven’t decided if I’m going to paint the letters red.

Finally for this post, Damon talked me into getting a red Brix for the passenger seat. He said if I had the Zeros then I need a Brix to match.

GETJPN had one for sale so I just bought it without thinking twice. No regrets.

Ok, that’s enough for now. Tomorrow should wrap it up. Thanks for reading.

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