180sx Build: Part 1

Over the years, I have attempted to build another S13 after I parted out my first one 5 years ago.

This time, I took a different approach and set goals for myself. There were multiple plans that I changed along the way but I think the way it all came together was meant to be.

After Final Bout, I knew my R32 was complete. The way it looked and drove gave me a sense of completion, something I don’t think I have ever felt during my “car life”. There was always something was going to come next or another stage but with the livery, I don’t think I can do anything else to the car.

With that, I knew I could devote my time and finances to something else. This was the mindset that allowed me to commit 100% to another car.

I first had my eyes set on a S14. There was one earlier this year that I put an offer on but the seller declined. It was a 1994 Silvia, white with NA SR20DE. That car sold but about the time I was looking for another car, it came back up for sale. The new owner put a high price tag on it but I was ready to buy it but after a couple days, the seller backed out.

Then I went to go look at a couple other S14, USDM chassis’s. The first one was ok, but I wasn’t sold on it. The other 2 that I was planning on looking at, the sellers decided to not sell them.

After 4 S14’s, I took this as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be and decided that I should just go with what I know but try to try some other things with the S13.

My main goal was to do a NA SR20DE in the s13. It was something I haven’t done and I figured it was something that would make building another S13 “fresh”. And I happened to come across a 1991 240sx Hatch with a S14 NA SR that wasn’t installed. I contacted the seller and it was still for sale. Unfortunately he had someone heading his way to look at the car and if I didn’t sell, I would be able to come look at it the next day.

Well the S13 sold that night to the other buyer and I told the seller to let the new owner to contact me and I will pay more for the car if he wanted to sell it. I was getting desperate but the new owner did contact me and told me if he were to sell it, he would let me know.

This car was exactly like my first S13 so I was attached to it already. The owner happened to contact me about a week later saying he needed to sell the car and would sell it for what he bought it for. So i packed up and went to pick it up.

About this time, my friend Eric hit me up to ask if I wanted to buy his chair. This was another one of my goals: to obtain a Zeros or Maxis for my S13. So I didn’t hesitate and bought it.

Once I had the car and the chair, I knew things were getting serious.

Damon was the only person I told that I was building this car. We always chatted about how we thought it was cool to build something in secret then reveal it. I’m a fairly open person and I enjoy sharing with others but this time, I decided to keep things quite while I gathered everything.

The next item on the list was a set of Kouki taillights. These are at the top of the list of why I think the 180sx is the coolest car. NissanParts had 15% off the following weekend that I got the car to the shop so I jumped on their full taillight kit. I had to add the RPS13 panel as well.

I’ll stop here before I go into the game of musical engines that I decided to play myself and the agony of searching for Kouki aero.

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