Quarter 2 of 2019 Update

Updated #2 of the year!

I added the additional things i mention before. But for simplicity sake, i removed the swirl pot and AC components before FBG so i would t have any issues.

I got the kit refreshed and bought some XT7’s for the final stage of the car.

We had our first private day at the Police Academy. I was only going to do a couple laps to make sure nothing broke but I did quite a few laps. It was a blast and we have another next month!!!

Then I finally got my livery done! I flew Michael in to do the install. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I’m glad I finally did it. All the boys came over throughout the weekend which was awesome. Thank you for the support guys!!!

Then is was Final Bout Gallery. I can never write how I feel about Final Bout or the stories about what happen. I always just want to tell the stories in person so if anyone ever wants to know, ask me in person. Most pictures I have from the event are post on my Instagram. I tried to stay off my phone and enjoy the event, which I did.

And that’s it for now! I am repairing things that I broke at FBG (Bumper, oil cooler and refreshing the engine). After that, the car is essentially done. I love the way it looks and drives. I believe the car is complete and I can just maintain.

Hopefully something will occurs that will give me more frequent updates but really, if this car is done then nothing more needs to be said.

See everyone hopefully sooner than the next quarter of 2019!

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