First Quarter of 2019

Well so far, 2019 has been pretty nice! Been driving the car around, hanging out and planning out this for FBG.

Still parting out some cars to fund drifting so that’s keeping me busy.

Here is some stuff that I’ve done.

Sunday morning drive with Harris

Put back on matching TE’s after cruising around with LMGT4’s

Ricebox with the Fat Cats!

Circuits of the Americas with Anthony

Drift Demo at COTA with Andrew

Testing the new Heatmaker knuckles, which are great 🙂

Acquired a new seat! Gardis II. Overkill but better than the old Zeta I had.  


So far thats it! The car is torn down for AC installation, FMIC to replace the HMIC and Jazz manifold. Adding swirl pot, billet PS reservoir and having to redo my oil cooler setup for the FMIC.

Drifting starts this month but Im busy with getting the car ready for FBG and I have a couple part outs to get done so I might try to do some sort of practice event in May before FBG.


Thats all for now, Thanks for checking in!

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