Finishing off 2018

So after the Club Loose event, I drove an event at the local Police Academy. They have a small road course for training purposes that is available for the public to rent. I went by myself which was a weird feeling to go drifting alone.

The next day, we got to drive on a local kart track. There was 4 of us for the whole day and the track was awesome. I’m not sure they will ever let us drive again but it was awesome to have done it one. We shared the track with grip drivers. 10 minute heats, every 10 mins. So grip drivers for 10 mins then we drifted for 10 mins. It was so nice!!

I can link some videos if people are interested in seeing the track.

I also blew up my transmission on the last session lol

I swapped in a new trans then went back to Club Loose. Wasn’t really feeling it and drove maybe 15 laps. Packed it up early and went home.

Then we drove Lone Star Drive JZX event. I haven’t seen any pictures from the event of my car but I was t really looking for them anyways. It was cold and wet but the driving was fun. I’m terrible at drifting in the rain so it was a learning experience.

Then I blew up another transmission of the way to breakfast the next morning. The reason why transmissions keep exploding is because the RB20 Speed Sensor falls out of the SR trans and leaks all the oil out. I’m an idiot but I have a solution. Swapping in a new transmission this weekend so I can drive the car around.

I’m participating in a demo at Circuits Of The Americas in February. People pay to get a ride in my car. Super Lap Battle will be going on as well so I’m more excited about that than drifting. Maybe I’ll get to take the R32 on the circuit!

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