Wekfest 2018

Went to wekfest this weekend. A friend of mine signed me up with my email when I thought he was sending me PayPal after asking for my email.

The night before, Mayday Garage (local Houston group) hosts a premeet. It’s always the best thing about wekfest or any other big car show.

This year’s premeet was at a new location and the cops shut us down early due to the amount of people. They were starting to tow and issue tickets so I dip out.

Got to the show and staged for Mayday Garage. One of the members asked me to represent them in the show as their “top picks”.

I actually got “Nissan Of The Festival” for the show. That was pretty cool and not bad for a wrecked drift car when there were R35’s in the show lol

Drifting this weekend at Club Loose Texas so that will be nice to get better with the SR in the car.

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