Issue #1 with this S13

So the clutch pedal seemed to be sticking when I got the car. I figured it just needed to be bled.

I drove the car on Friday and when I left work, I got about a mile down the road when the clutch pedal got stuck to the floor. I couldn’t put it in gear and had to push the car out of traffic. I looked under the car and clutch fluid was dripping from what looked to be the rubber clutch line.

Luckily, 2 random guys drove their truck into the grass median, hopped out and help push it to the nearest side street. I was close enough to my work where I could get a shop truck and tow the S13 back to work.

I started walking to work when I decided to try the Dollar General and see if they had brake fluid. Sure enough they did!

Walked back to the car, topped off the fluid, got it into gear and drove back to work before the clutch fluid leaked out.

Went to Autozone to get a new clutch line and slave. Installed it Sunday mourning and headed back home to get breakfast with Kayla. The Clutch pedal started to stick again.

I’m thinking it’s the clutch dampener so I’m going to get a SS clutch line and remove all the OEM stuff to prevent any more leaks.

Drove the car to Kev’s to pick up a diff cover for the R32 because I’m putting in a S13 subframe and removing the S14 one.

Also washed the car. Here are 2 pictures.

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