Bought some stuff, had to make some choices. 

At FB3, I road in Sebastian R32. S-Chassis Suspension and SR20. It felt very light in drift and snappy. It blew me away. 

I was really wanting this after leaving but I have just retuned the RB20 for 300PS at about 1 bar. I still haven’t driven a event in the tune and I want to drive a full season since I haven’t really in the past 2 years. 

So I spent my money on aero and wheels lol 
I ordered a BN sports hood and bought BN style fenders. 

With the rear over fenders, the car is transforming into a more outlandish build. It’s not street style that much, more D1SL?

I hope it turns out well. I have decided to hang my wheel set up from 17/17 to 17/18. 

I’ve elected to go with a 18×9.5 +12 TE37 along with a 10mm spacer in order to fill out the fenders. 18×10.5 +15 fits pretty much perfect but I would have to run a tire size that would possibly causes uses with other components of the car. 

Body work and paint are in full motion right now so I am hoping to have the car back to do 1 event before the year ends. After that, I need to check the health of the motor to make sure that it will last a full season or if I need to figure out a new power plant. 

This is my current inspiration for the R32. 

But also at the same time, this is a possibility (only with the blessing of JR) 

But for this, my driving would have to reflect the style of the car and right now, I don’t believe it does. 

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