Final Final Bout

It was 2 years since I had been back to a Final Bout and I defiantly can tell that I needed it. 

I always come back from FB with more positivity. I guess I begin to get into a rut after a while and it’s not good. I become toxic. 

I’m just trying to ride the high and keep being better. Learn lessons from my mentors. 

Final Bout was more than cars to me. It was friendships. Living out ideas I’ve had for a very long time. It was inspiration. It was a dream. 

I will never be able to repay those who created the event. But I can strive to continue the passion that it created. 

I’m ready to just be at peace with cars right now. No internet BS, no negative feelings, no rude comments. No bad blood if we share the same passions. 

Made some new friends which excited me for next year. I would like to have a solid drift season again. One for the record books. Let’s see if we can carry each other to the finish line of that goal. 


Final Bout will live in all of us. It’s our turn to carry the torch. 

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