in JoY

I had to rush to my hotel to write this post.


I’m in Louisiana for work , looking on Craigslist. I find Z32 NA 2+2 rear brakes assemblies for $100. Go to get them and its 2 young dudes (18 and 19 years old).


I spent 4 hours talking to them about life. Things to think about, things to no to worry about and my experiences. It was pretty amazing and i wanted to tell everyone about it. I really hope those dudes took 1% of what I said to heart and hopefully it makes them that much more successful. I feel really proud about this, full of positivity, and inspired by my own words.


Also, inJoY.


I want the “o” to be a world and of course, the J and Y are my initials,  a play of enjoy. i think it would be cool to make a logo or sticker or something. spread some good karma and do the right thing. be honest to those who need it.

maybe ill get this rolling

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