When November Ends…

Ok so I have some catching up to do!

Last time, Pooter picked up my kouki bumper. $300 was a great price. Couldn’t say no. 

At this point, I needing to score side, rear, wing and taillights. Tried Yahoo Japan but my plug couldn’t get anything at the moment so I went to look for wheels. My heart is set on LMGT4’s so I found a pair of white 17×9 that I thought I could snag for $500…..they ended up going for $1000. FML. Lost those. 

My friend Noel hit me up after my bidding attempts failed. He told me if I was looking for OEM aero….of course I was. So he said he had a guy in Dallas that was selling bumper, side, rear and lip. Once I heard lip, all I saw were dollar $ign$. 

I messaged the dude, super nice guy, and starter negotiating. Ended up with everything for $900……..yes no typo there. $900 for aero and OEM lip. My mind was blown. At the same time, a fellow R32 owner offered me his rain visors from his sedan. Bought those too because I’ve never seen them for sale so ball out player! 

One of my best friend Harris was in Dallas for the weekend so he offered to pick everything up. Clutch city on his part! 

Both bumpers have all the brackets and lights. Crazy to have this shit for so cheap!

At this time, it was the week of my wedding so all my best friends came to town. Pooter, Hoover, Tommy, Lu, and Harris all stayed at my place for the week doing all kind of fun shit! 

Then is was time to get married. I had this idea of getting “Just Married” in BN Sports style on the skyline. I thought it turned out great. 

So Kayla and I got hitched then spent a week in Costa Rica. It was sweet! Got back on Saturday and Sunday morning, I was back in the garage. Pulled the old KA, put the SR on the engine stand and cleaned up the left side of the garage. 

Need to sell the KA, 4 lug wheels and spare kouki bumper to clean up some more room.

We are planning on going to a drift event in NOLA so I need to get the HKS turbo on and install some need goodies from Touge Factory. They always hook me up and I appreciate it a lot. It cool to have made friends that are willing to lend a hand! 

NOLA is in 3 weeks so it’s time to get cracking!

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