Plan Execution

Sunday went well!!!

Phone died so I didnt get any photos


Removed hood, bumper, fenders, and wheels.

*I thought the car was hit up front but the previous owners just bent the core support in the front passenger corner.*

Once all that was done and I made sure the car wasn’t damaged, I started to pull the harness. I got it all out of the engine bay then went inside the car to pull the dash. Dash was removed and most of the harness was removed from the dash bar. I stopped about 1:30pm as it was getting too hot.

Ill have to go on another sunday to finish pulling the harness. Also, i need another harness but I better just get the same harness from the same model 240sx I have. probably easier that way or just swap everything from a KA24DE model.

I wish I had another garage for a parts car. That would be super easy. Next up is to remove the engine and prep the engine bay. I think ill paint the bay silver. Im realizing that I need to take more time on this car. Its a good base and a fun project for me to just tinker with on. I also should make this car on a budget or else Ill see all the money just being spent and I’ll want to get out of it.

Ill make a parts list and post it soon but I need to get some important parts purchased before I start with the fun stuff.



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