Developing a Plan

Tomorrow, I’m planning to go to the garage to work on the 180sx a bit and I figured I would plan out the day. So I’m going to write what I plan to do tomorrow so I will remember what to do.

I need to clean up the garage when I first get there. I have a lot of parts in the garage that haven’t sold so I need to throw them away and try to sell the good stuff for cheap.

Once the garage is clean, I can dig into the 180sx. I need to put it on jackstands then start removing stuff. First things to be removed is the front bumper, fenders, hood then the harness. The passenger side fender seems to be damaged so I need to remove them to inspect them. I was thinking about getting FRP vented fenders but OEM is best. Tough to come by nowadays as well.

If I can get to that point, I think I can be happy with my progress. We will see how it goes.

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