Words From Naoki

So here is a brief summary of what Noaki (and Shane) thinks of American Drifting:


  1. Shane was stressing how American has been drifting wrong
  2. The way we drive (speed and technique) isnt correct
  3. Too much throttle
  4. Must have good throttle work
  5. Finding the sweet spot where you are barely slipping the wheels
  6. Clutch work must be good as well
  7. There is a small area where you have minimal throttle sot the tires are barely gripping and then adding enough throttle so the car isnt buring tire
  8. Naoki has his camber plates maxed out on S13
  9. Toe is set to Zero
  10. Traction rods are stock
  11. Front caster is adjusted so wheels dont hit anything
  12. Shane explained that at meihan, they have 50mm spacers so that the wheel is further from the hub and it creates at pendulum swinging affect
  14. Naoki said alignments should be “Straight-O”


But with all these, please keep in mind that Naoki Nakamura is just a really great driver. The tracks are different in Japan vs here in America. it is very interesting to hear about all of this.



-Taken from the AcidSquirters Chat-

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