Red 180sx 

Recently started craving a 180sx again. I haven’t really done much with the civic so I was ready to sell it and get another 180sx. 

I started looking and can across a cheap “shell” in Dallas. Red, pop top and pretty clean body. We rounded up the troops and headed to Dallas. 

The boys and I picked it up after we compression tested the motor and talked the price down. 

Ate some In-N-Out burgers and headed home. Left at 7am and got back at 5pm. Moved cars around at the old apartment to get the 180 in the garage. 

Came back during the week to look over the car and to pull the seats out so I can sell them. Found all this….


“Too hot for TV” as BH would say. 

I’ve already scored Type X aero. I need to settle on why motor I want to use. KA-T or go SR again. Idk if I can do SR again. 

I’m bidding on some wheels that ends Friday morning so hopefully I get a good deal. 

I need to move to a new garage that is closer to my new apartment so I can work in the car right after work and get home quickly in the evening. 
Feels good to do updates again and build a 180sx. Hopefully I can keep it up. 

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