Test Run

Got the car running correctly and went to get an alignment. 

The shop I go to always has no issues with my alignments. The place is called Sal’s Auto Sport so if you’re in the Houston area, go there. I bought a lifetime alignment and probably used it 10 times in the past year. It’s awesome. 

Woke up Saturday morning to go drifting so I fitted up my aero to go get a car wash. As soon as I washed the car, it started running rich. So from 7-12 in the morning, I was replacing o-rings and checking Coilpacks to figure out what was wrong. Eventually I got the car running right again and went off the the drift event. 

Got to the event and did about 6 laps. Every lap was terrible because the car was losing power mid drift. Come to find out, the fuel pump was losing power so now I’m having to wire in a relay so that pump will have direct power. 

Dyno day is Saturday and I’m hoping things will go smoothly. 

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