April Update

Got the injectors in. 

Still ran like shit. 

Redid the intercooler and piping: nothing. 

Talked to Martin at RS Enthalpy and he informed me that he tuned my ECU for Z33 maf and not RB20 maf. So I quickly got one and wired it in. 

Idle got better but still misfiring when throttling. 

Checked the ECU code and the LED just flashes red. I put the old ECU on and the code ready 55 which means “all ok”. 

Talked to Martin again and he wants me to ship off the ECU. Shipped it out today. Now the wait continues. 
Parts purchased. 

Radio brackets 

because when my radio got stolen, the brackets went with it. 


Innovate Wideband 

because I should keep tabs on AFR and this gauges matched the Blitz gauges. White Faces with silver bezel. 

Blitz Z2

I’ve been collecting Blitz parts and I needed spares. I know I won the bid but Streeter hasn’t Emailed me back. 

I spent way too much money so I need to just buy tires and get my car running. At this rate, my only event will be final bout lol

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