Turbo Install Pt.1

So last week I was about to email Streeter to get some GTR Injectors and the resistor when someone on a Facebook group posted exactly what I needed for a really good deal. The next morning I woke up with a text saying that Martin from Enthalpy is going to be showing up on 2/20 for a dyno day. I message the guy that I bought the injectors from to have them be delivered before 2/19 so that i could get everything ready for the dyno.
Put the new screamer pipe on the RB25 turbo as well as the RB20 actuator.
Still a small turbo but i’m not chasing big power, just a little pep in my step.



So Monday, I started on the turbo swap with removing the old turbo and got the new turbo ready. I went to check the shipping of the injectors and they are scheduled to be delivered until 2/22, the Monday after the dyno tune.

I decided to rant on Facebook about it. Lo and behold, a local guy has a GTR that he is building and doesn’t need his injectors or resistor so he is letting me use them for the dyno tune.

Just need to get everything finished up so the dyno goes smoothly.

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