January Update

Nothing much really going on right now. Still parting out this S13 that I was going to build. I think I’m up to about $5700 in profit. I hope I can sell the rest and buy some parts for the R32.


I just sold my old R32 coilovers and from some of the S13 partout money, i ordered new Stance coilovers. Going to be 12k/10k instead of the 8k/6k that was on the car before. Needing to get rid of the body roll.


I am needing to purchase some new rear toe arms. Those should help get me back to .5 degrees of camber in the rear. After that, I would like to order a downpipe, FMIC and 4 inch blast pipes to make the car louder. Hopefully i can get this all done soon.



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