2015 Vehicle Review

1990 HCR32 Skyline



Factory Side Mount Intercooler

KOYO Radiator

Earl’s 19 Row PS Cooler

Air Pod

Test Pipe

Cat Back Exhaust


CST Coilovers 8k/6k

Cusco Negative Camber Upper Arms

Rear Upper Camber Arms

S14 Subrframe

STANCE Solid Conversion Bushings

Cusco Strut Bars


BN Sports Style Aero

GTR Hood

GTR Grill

Blitz 03 17×9 +16/32

Custom JYW0rld Lace Roof

Ganador Super Mirrors

JDM HID Lights


Bride Zeta 1

Bride Brix

Cusco 6 Point Roll Cage

330mm Nardi Classic

Nismo Shift Knob

Checkered Floor Mats

DVD Player

Turbo Timer

STRI Gauges


2 thoughts on “2015 Vehicle Review

  1. You know, i dont think I’ve ever seen your interior put together before. I’ve got a black head pad that i always wanted to use, but my zeta 1 is navy with gradient pads, and my bottom pad is from a newer zeta so its mismatched lol oh the woes

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