S14 Shell

I figured I would post some pictures of the shell that I have acquired.  

I don’t know if I have shared the story oh how I got this thing. So here it is…

I was needing a new subframe since I broke mine at Final Bout. I found a subframe and was going to trade a pair of R32 wheels and a some Planted side mount seat brackets for it. Well the gentleman was going to be out of town for a while so he asked if I would just take the whole car since he didn’t have time to remove the subframe. He also gave me a S14 diff that I’ll sell too. 

I picked the car up and removed the rear subframe and the front cross memeber. Now I have some stuff that I’ll part out to make some cash back. I’m trading the shell to a friend for some blast pipes that he will fabricate for me. 

Next will have to be getting the offset bushings to fit the S14 subframe into my R32. I’m going to replace all the control arm bushings as well. Should be a nice upgrade for the event in December. 

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