Ok , so I broke my subframe at Final Bout 2 and I haven’t replaced it. Teddy told me to get get a S14 subframe because he know his R32’s. So I have sourced a S14 subframe will everything on it and planning on picking it up on Saturday. I am needing to order solid subframe conversion bushings, solid diff bushings and a new diff cover gasket. I think I might get new bushing for the OEM arms or I will just get some adjustable arms, whichever is cheaper.

While I have the subframe out, I will be removing all the HICAS lines and pumps. That should shed some weight off the car. Going to be following this DIY for that removal.


After the subframe is replaced, I think I will be replacing my gauges with just a simple Water Temp gauge and Oil Pressure gauge. Then I will work on getting a FMIC. I hope to have all of this done before the December drift event. I would like to see how the car changes with the new rear subframe and a FMIC. If I’m satisfied with those upgrades, then I will stop there, if not then I will begin my hunt for a HKS 2530 with GTR injectors, fuel pump and Enthalpy Tune in order to achieve nice power.

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