Japan Day 31

Today, I was suppose to get everything ready so that I could fly out tomorrow but my flight got pushed back a day so took another day to relax and enjoy the nice weather. It was pretty warm which was nice. I had to mail back my phone so now I can only use my laptop to chat with people.

I got one of the locals to take me to the airport on Saturday. They were also going to go to the local touge tonight and I asked to ride along. So I got to experience the touge one last time. It had rained up in the mountains so no one was there which was a bummer but still casual driving the mountain roads is awesome. Great vibes.   IMG_1625 IMG_1626     IMG_1631

We left the rest stop and headed to a local Drift touge. I was hesitant because of the rain but when we got there, a few people were still hanging out. Spot this young dude with his Sil-Eighty. Had a stock SR with Ganadors and stock body. I wish I had brought my stickers with me. The little Kei was trying to tandem with the Sil-Eighty, it was pretty funny.

IMG_1635 IMG_1638 IMG_1639 IMG_1640  IMG_1643 IMG_1655  IMG_1658 IMG_1659 IMG_1660

The guy found me on Facebook, asking for the pictures I took. It looks like he sold his sweet R34 for this Sil-Eighty, pretty crazy!

Also, this was the touge I was at.


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