Japan Day 30

My wheels came in at Car Made today so I swung by and picked them up. Pretty please about the wheels. Not bad for $380.

IMG_0397 IMG_0398

After picking up my wheels, I needed to stop by the local Yellow Hat for some items requested by a friend of mine. Just a air freshener and some vent cupholders. While I was there, I picked up a couple more air fresheners and some license plate angle kits. Someone might want them. Leaving Yellow Hat, I saw this and pulled over to take pictures for Andrew.


After stopping there, I was feeling pretty charitable so the shopping continued. I was going to go to Hiroshima the following day but decided to just go today. Driving along the coast is the best part, I think. This is the mountain I climbed earlier in the week . The top is in the clouds.


I was asked my be best friend Lu to go to the newly opened Pokemon Center in Hiroshima to get some things. Picked up what he wanted and headed to the 2 UpGarages for the last time. Found a 80 cent Broadway mirror and a steering wheel spacer. After shopping was done, I headed back to Iwakuni.

IMG_1611 IMG_1610

While I was at UpGarage, I thought I found a great deal on some Model V’s. There were 4 of them, 2 chrome, and the sticker said $147 dollars. The wheels were 17×8 +45 but I have a huge spacer up front on my Skyline and I am needing an extra pair of wheels to drive up to Final Bout with so I figured I would buy them. Go to find out that it was $147 for the pair that wasnt chrome, I passed on them.


Heading back to Iwakuni, I stopped my Autobach. I have been trying to find a “Rear Wiper Hat”. It it just a little silly object that you place on bolt that the rear wiper used to be on. Still have yet to find a cool one. But I did see these parked there. I think the owner works at Autobach. Im really digging the EK hatches now. Plus I need a daily lol


Trying to cut across traffic leaving Autobach and see this GTR. They are sooo cool! Forever Fanboy!!


I was starving because I haven’t ate all day and stopped by CoCo on last time. I had the Fried Chicken with Cheese and Vegetables, Spice level 4 with extra rice. Ate it and took a picture for Richard since this is his favorite place. lol


Got back and started to unpack everything I had picked up so I could organize it all. I needed to start packing up but when I started I got an email saying my flight got delayed by a day so now i have an extra day in Japan. Not sure what Ill do as I need to figure out how to get to the airport. Everyone is busy so I might take the train to Hiroshima, the the shuttlebus to the airport. Saturday is going to be a long day.

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