Japan Day 25

Needed to swap injectors before I took the S14 to Hadashi. That became an all day task. Then when it came to plugging up everything, the knock sensor plug ripped off the wires so we messed with that for a while.

Once that was all done, Mr. Iwata had to run an errand before we moved the cars to get the S14 out of the way. So I took the time to get some food.

Got back, moved the cars and I was ready to go.

Mr. Iwata started the car, gave a quick couple of revs then walked back to the back of the car. A good amount of oil came out the exhaust. GREAT.
Drove the car around the block real quick. Parked it.

Went to reverse the car and drive some more, reverse doesn’t work. FANTASTIC. Push the car back into the shop. Bled the clutch. Still nothing. Felt pretty defeated today after everything. Don’t think I’ll get to drive at Bihoku but I’ll drive out there just to feel the vibes.
I think I’ll go do some tourist stuff this weekend. Take a break from cars. Don’t want to get into a “I Quit Everything” mood hahaha

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