Japan Day 24

Went to bed early because my laptop charger broke so I woke up early to get to 326 Power. While I was headed out of town, Mr. Iwata was in front of me heading to the auctions. That was pretty funny.

Anyways, got to 326 Power. Haraguchi and his staff were going through the new shirts that they had designed. I walked up, told them who I was and things kicked off. Went inside where they stored all their springs, lug nuts, merchandise and coilover parts. They package everything in house. Very relaxed vibe. Haraguchi’s Z33 was parked outside.

IMG_1505 IMG_1507


Haraguchi showed me around which was really cool. We went into the garage portion of 326 Power where they had 3 cars. A new Benz that was getting suspension, a little VW car with those reverse faced wheels where the faces of the wheels stick out past the lip and he new StanceNation build. It was funny how he was trying to tell me that I could take pictures of the car but asked not to post until after the event. I told him I promise not to share his secret to the world.


So after the tour, I bought some stickers and he asked if I wanted to buy the new shirt. IOh course I wanted the new shirt. Haraguchi said I was the first one to buy the new shirt which was pretty cool. He was telling me that all the shirt color and design combos. He was trying to do the math in head and i blurted out the answer. We both chuckled about that one. The kanji on the number means crazy, well at least thats what Haraguchi told me to I thought it was funny that I got the number 2. Two Crazy..get it?


Haraguchi gave me some cool stuff for free so when I paid for the other stuff, I went out to the car to grab some stickers for him. I have him a yellow and blue sticker, some colors as his famous FC. After that I said my goodbye’s and headed back to Hiroshima for some shopping. Richard told me that 326 Power emailed him and said I was a very nice guy, that was cool that they did that!

IMG_0370IMG_0369IMG_0357 IMG_0354IMG_0353

Had to stop in Hiroshima to find a Macbook charger. That sucker cost me $80. Bummer. Stopped by 3 UpGarages and found some really killer deals.

330mm Nardi and 340mm Momo.


HKS umbrella, I don’t think I have ever bought an umbrella before.


Blitz BOV, been wanting one for a while. Almost bought one for the SR that went into my 180sx but didn’t.


Some air fresheners, Hub Spacer and a cup holder for Damon.


By the time I got back to Iwakuni it was dinner time so I stopped by this burger place that Richard recommended.

IMG_0359 IMG_0360

Got their famous burger. Had a fried egg on it. Never had a burger with an egg on it. It was delightful.


Got back to the apartment and called it a day. While I was charging my laptop, I heard a car with what I assumed were some cams. Peaked my head out the curtains and say an Evo. Grabbed the camera and took a picture.


And that was my day at 326 power!

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