Japan Day 23

Showed up to Car Made and Mr. Iwata had the motor running and the hood on. Pleasant surprise there. 

Sat in the car and didn’t fit. Typical :/ Anyways, I drove over to the upper lot to snag another seat with rails on it to see if it would fit. It did 🙂 super gangster lean for my tall ass. 

Afterwards, I decided that I would drive the car on Friday because there were cars in the way and I was going to 326 Power the following day and there was no need to have 2 cars out and about. 

Rain clouds started rolling in so I went and grabbed another Gundam model to assemble. They are cheap entertainment. 

After that, my laptop charger broke. I went to see if I could get another one at Yamada Denki but didn’t find it. Saw this though. 

Felt bad that it was abandoned so I did this. 

After I got back, it was late so I just went to bed. 326 Power tomorrow!!!

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