Japan Day 22

Bought a hood. 

Went to Car Made to finish the s14. Changed the transmission oil, put new oil in, changed spark plugs and the car didn’t start. Needed spark. I think it’s the coilpack since the old motor was an S15 SR and the new one is a S14 SR. Coilpack a from the S15 work but don’t fit on S14 valve cover. Need to swap valve cover and should work. 

After working on the car, I went and got a model Gundam because it started raining. Indoor fun! 

Couple dollars and it took me an hour to assemble lol 


Then got ramen. 


Chilled and won these on the auctions. 


Going to sell my Model 5’s now since I have all these wheels. 

7 thoughts on “Japan Day 22

  1. What an eventful day! What kind of hood is that? Damn that gundam is sweet I kinda want to build some too now lol. Nice pickup on the brw03s.

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