Japan Day 15

Woke up and went down to the GTR Garage lower lot to start getting a 180sx ready for the engine to be pulled. Since I flipped the R32, I feel pretty bad for pretty much wasting money so Im helping out while Im here. I really dont mind doing the stuff since I enjoy the work so its a win/win i suppose.


After lunch, I went to help Jim shuffle some cars around to get the S14 to a shop so that I can help with the new motor swap. I got to drive an FD and I don’t fit. Ive got to sit in a lot of different cars and I don’t fit in much. Oh Well.


After the S14 we moved a GTR over for JCI so it can be shipped to the owner in the US.

IMG_0261 IMG_0262

Got dinner and saw this thing.


Someone bought the HKS 2530 at the last minute so im still on the search. I might just get a RB25det Turbo instead. Need to make some moves if I want some cool parts.

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