Japan Day 8-9

Yesterday didnt go as planned. I woke up after going to sleep for the first time in 2 days. Got going and headed over to Workman to get come coveralls. Got those and got breakfast. Made my way over to the upper and lower lots that GTR Garage has for wheels and tires. After all my errands were done, I headed off to Hadashi.

Got to the track and had to get the storage setup for the R32 that would be kept at the track as it did not have inspection. With everything wrapped up, I headed out to the track. Did a couple of donuts to feel the car out and the power steering belt broke. Headed back to the pits and swapped the new one on that I was given.

After that, I headed back out. I paid for 3 hours of track time. It cost me 3000Yen or about $25 USD. My driving got better but I was still not having much grip in the front. Went back to the pits to swap out the front wheels. Car was handling much better after that.

 Just before 3 PM (when my track time was ending) I set up the Go Pro and headed out to finish up. Boy was that a crazy 5 mins. I wound up flipping the R32 on the back side of the track . I dirt dropped a little too much and got sucked up into the wall then rolled over.

Here is the video before the crash.


Here is the video of the crash


Got out of the car, turned the car off and ran up to the pits to get some help. My bad was scraped up from landed upside down and skidding because of the sunroof. I didnt think it was that bad but the awesome people at Hadashi were freaking out. They bandaged me up and afterwords, i ran back to the car to help clean up. We flipped the car with a bulldozer and I swept up the track. They told me to go to the doctor so I did.

    I went to 2 clinics but I guess I got lost in translation because they couldn’t help me. I thought it wasnt that bad so I went to get bandages before heading home. Got home and started taking off the bandages. It was bad hahaha








Went to the main hospital and they stitched me up. $250 later and I was all patched up. Today, I have been just relaxing and trying to heal up because I have the Kids Heart event in Nagoya on Sunday and I like to be in as little pain as possible.

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