Japan Day 5

I usually write these posts the morning after so I can reflect on everything I did the day before but today I have some time before a car meet so Ill write it now. Plus I’ll make another post of the car meet.

Woke up today early again and went to get breakfast. I try to pick something different to eat. This time I got french toast and a croissant with what seemed to be ham, egg and maybe mayo? It was still pretty good.


So I came back with breakfast to update my blog and build thread on Zilvia. Ive enjoyed writing in the morning. So after the stores began to open, I went to Nafco. Nafco is the JDM Lowes. Richard from GTR Garage told me they had cool tools that I should check out.


They had the hammer that Mario used in the original Donkey Kong. IMG_0060

You can buy pet beetles.


So after Nafco, I had to go to the grocery store to get water, stuff to shave and whatever else I was interested in. I also got lunch which turned out to be octopus tentacles that was baked in crab cakes balls I think. Then the balls were covered with spicy mayo, some kind of sweet sauce and onions. They werent too bad.

IMG_0062IMG_0069 IMG_0070

Lunch didnt fill me up so I went to get CoCo Itchiban. Richard loves this place and I now know why. It was chicken curry with cheese.


After lunch, my friend Corbin started messages me on Facebook asking how things were. I took pictures of cars that I saw when I was driving back to the apartment after lunch. I let the pictures describe how things were. All of these were taken with 5 mins.

IMG_0074 IMG_0076 IMG_0077I missed a picture of a RX8 with 57Extremes too.

So when I got back to the apartment, I decided to rest a little bit until I could get a hold of Jim, also known as Kunio. Got a hold of him while I was at Yellow Hat and he told me hold tight for 10 mins before he got there. This is what I found while I was waiting.


Juran Garny Flap, ARC radiator Cap and some Broadway mirrors. I bought the Handles at UpGarage a couple days earlier. ALL OF THEM ARE FOR SALE!!!!!

So I met up with Jim. He showed me the lower and upper lots that GTR Garage has cars stored. I found my R32 practice car. We shuffled some cars around so that I could get my R32 out. I got drive his GTR around the block.


I got the temp tags for the R32 but they expire on Sunday so I need to get the car to Hadashi before then but the car needs an oil change and a turbo gasket installed. So Im planning on getting that done tomorrow. Found a set of R33 replicas laying around so Ill put those on the car to make it look a little better. The S14 that BurstSpeed broke (lol sorry Mike) is getting a engine delivered Saturday night so Im going to do what I need to do to help get that car up and running. That will be the car that I will take to Bihoku. There is a 180sx that need a SR to be pulled out so I offered Jim my assistance doing that. Im pretty excited that things are picking up. Im going to enjoy tinkering with cars while I am here. So now Im off to the car meet. Here is a picture of a cool Miata.


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