Japan Day 1

I went to sleep at midnight and I’m up at 4am so I’ll write this post now.

I woke up at 4:30am on Sunday to get to the airport for my 7:15am flight to Chicago. I flew from Chicago to Seoul, Korea in what was the longest flight of my life. 12-13 hours long but the customer service was awesome. Free movies, 2 full meals, 1 snack and tons of free water or orange juice. Then I flew from Seoul to Hiroshima which was an hour flight and I got another free meal! Asian airlines are so much better than the U.S.




Landed in Hiroshima and Beau picked me up in his R33 GTR. Pretty cool car. Has N1 turbos, Ganadors and cool aero. I dig it.

He tooked me to a local noodle shop were I grabbed some Miso Ramen, fried rice and goyza. After dinner, Beau took me to my apartment. He headed home and I unpacked. Then I went to sleep. Done.

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