Japan Planning: Part 2

I’ve kept Richard at GTR Garage pretty busy with all my questions. I feel guilty about that but I’m sure he is getting a little excited for me as well. Anyways, Richard informed me that No Name Heroes competition will not be happening for me because the AE86 does not have JIC (insurance). Bummer but there is another option. Tezuka is hold a drift festival at YZ circuit and I can drive in that! Big teams show up and if Kids Heart is throwing a drift day, I know they will be there. I will still be driving the AE86 at this event but there is a possibility that I’ll get to drive a S13 instead.

Also, Richard told me that they have a ’93 Black R32 that will be kept at Hadashi for practice and the S14 will be the street car that I can take to car meets. Im totally cool with that as I know ill be more comfortable with the Skyline that the S14, which sounds really weird. Who is more comfortable with a Skyline than a S14 lol My life is dumb.

Ive been trying to get ready for the long days in Japan because I don’t want to miss anything that I could be doing beside sleep. Working out well but only time will tell. I have already pack my bag so I’m all ready for Sunday. Counting down the clock as we speak.

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