Japan Planning: Part 1

How things are so far:

I have plane tickets

I have a place to stay

I rented an Iphone to use

I have 2 cars to drift (so far)

I have a tournament to drift in at the end of my first week there.

I’m going to 326 power

I’m meeting up with Max (DriftWolrd)

I’m going to MCR Factory and Kids Heart

I’m trying to go to D1SL

I’m drifting at Bihoku

There is more stuff but thats all i can think of right now. I’m making a huge calendar for day to day activities and I have my budget so lets hope it works out. I need a huge backpack to carry my stuff. I don’t want a suitcase, I think they are lame. I want to record a video of my travels with my go pro. I hope i can get people the parts they want, it would be cool to help out.

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