Mid Life Crisis 

I’m going to Japan. I quit my job and haven’t heard anything solid yet so I decided to go to Japan for a month. Bought the tickets this morning. June 7th to July 10th. 

I’m going to drive at the track 3 times a week and hopefully hit the streets a lot. GTR Garage has offered me 3 cars to drive while I’m there and a Kei car to drive around. 

I think I’ll offer people the opportunity to find parts and I’ll buy them/ship them back to the states for them. 

Time to plan all the details now. 

8 thoughts on “Mid Life Crisis 

      1. Should we be going through up garage or a list of things for you to keep an eye out for. I dont want to put you through the auction process at all.

      2. Yeah. It won’t be through the auctions or up garage. I figured people will ask me to look out for things while I’m out and about.

      3. My list if pretty simple, a bomex wing or syms wing for a gc8, a 80mm pivot or defi tach, bomex mirrors for a gc8, a chargespeed gc8 lip ver 1 or 2. Or a pair of vs-kfs or te37 in 17’s with 5×100 faces all used of course. You’re the man Jimmy if you do see it great, but if you dont find anything you still made my day bud!

      4. No problem dude! I’ll make an official post where people can email me with things they want. It will probably be easier that way

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