Oil Cooler: Part 1

Started my oil cooler install today! After driving at Mineral Wells, the oil temps got hotter than they did at GGP so I went ahead and got an oil cooler. I went with a 19 row earls cooler and the PBM oil filter relocation kit. I’ve always wanted to relocation my oil filter and with the Skyline, the filter is above the front subframe and it a mess to change. 

Well the install stopped quicker than it started because after getting this situated, the pressure sensor for my oil gauge broke and I need 2 90° AN fittings  because the 2 fitting on the block off adapter won’t work. 

So then I changed my air filter 🙂  


After driving the Mineral Wells event, the car didn’t have enough power (for me) to do whAt I wanted it to do. So I changed the air filter and I’m thinking about getting an aftermarket downpipe just to free up a free more HP. I feel the need to “conquer” the Mineral Wells track so I’ll do what it takes for that satisfaction to happen. Maybe I’ll do the RB25 turbo swap and tune sooner than expected. 

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