Breaking Blitz: Part 1 

When I bought the Blitz 03’s, I was told they were 17×8 +38 and 17×9 +35. I’ve always wanted to run a 8″ front wheel because from the old drift tengoku videos, the drivers were running really small wheels with spacers. So keeping with that style I bought the wheels them ordered the correct spacers to have a decent fitment. 


When the wheels showed up, I put them on and my fronts were still lacking in the look that I was hoping. Upon further inspection, the previous owner had swapped faces. You can kind of see the wheels being sunken in. 


So today I decided to swap the faces back to hopefully get the fitment I was looking for with these wheels. Plus the wheels need a refresh so I’ll clean them and possible polish them or paint them black again. 


Here you can see the diffence in the back spacing of the faces. The larger back spacing was on the rear wheels which will now be put on the front wheels. 

Tomorrow I’ll clean the wheels and begin to strip the old paint off. It’s going to be a long week. 

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