House Money

Since Damon just asked what does it mean, I’ll post a little story about it. 

After I met Damon at Final Bout, we began to chit chat about our 180’s. Then I sold my 180 and all my parts for money. But when I did, I was able to sell most of the parts for more than what I paid for. 

When I went to buy the R32, I had money left over from the part out which I called “House Money”. About the same time I was doing this, Damon was buying and selling parts so that he could have the extra “House Money” to buy cool parts. 

So by pretty much, Damon and I would spend a little money to make a little bit “House Money” so we could afford cool parts. 

That’s how Damon and I became the team called…

¥¥¥😑House Money😑¥¥¥

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