Finally Home!!!

Story Time:

Yesterday, GTR Garage told me everything was good to go and that I could go pick up my car so I left work early to go get it. Super pumped!! The website for the port said they closed at 5pm. We got there at 4:50pm and was told they closed at 4pm so we drove back 1.5 hours home. I blamed the website for having the wrong closing time.

This morning, we left to try picking up the R32 today. We got there at about 11am and the entrance of the port was blocked by a train so we went to go get breakfast.

We go get breakfast burritos but when we can back, the train is still there so we wait. The train moves, we get through the port entrance and go to the office to submit the paperwork for the release but everyone was out for lunch for 1 hour.


Went to go check out the R32. Jumped it and let it run a little bit. It was cool. After waiting and waiting, the R32 was released to me. I put a little gas in and jumped the car again. Drove it out of the port and got stuck by another train. Fuck trains.

Drove it to J Tran Studios to get the inspection done. Easy. Passed.

The seat was too small and it hurt sitting in it so I put on Bride that I kept from the R32.

Plan on changing the oil and putting on the Ganadors from my 180sx. Maybe put the radiator in. Need to clean it and wash it.

But there you go. Let the build start!

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