R32 Build Part 2: FLUIDS

I decided to do some fluid changes as soon as I get the car. Oil, Coolant, Transmission, Differential and Power steering. I picked up everything locally except the KAAZ diff fluid which bought on eBay. Since the radiator will be replaced, coolant will be replaced. I wanted to do a oil cooler and filter relocation but I held off until after the first event which is at the end of the month. Should be a good way to get to know the car with some simple maintenance.

Mobile 1: Because I use it in my Z and have never had a problem.

Redline: A lot of RB users seem to like the Lightweight and I’ll see how I like it.

KAAZ: Not sure what 2-way diff is in the car so I think this is a safe choice

Coolant: Doesn’t Matter 🙂


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