No Reservations 

Andrew and I decided to take a trip down to Bellaire on Saturday to find some new places to eat. 

The first place we went to was a place that I have been before with some coworkers. I kind of knew what to order so we went ahead and at there first. 

First up was the Cumin Beef. 

The we had the crispy chicken. 

After finishing those two dishes, we decided to go walk around to find somewhere else to eat. As we were walking, we stumbled upon a supermarket so we decided to walk around in there as well. 

Next up was a restaurant that had its menu posted on the window outside so we could see what we wanted to eat. 

From the menu we decided on the following. 

Beef Cakes

Pan Fry Pork Dumplings 

Next time Andrew and I are going to go out and be meat skewers after we found a few places that had them. Should be a good time. 

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